Arrhythmia services

Diagnosing and treating disturbances in heart rhythm

Cardiologists identifying and treating arrythmias at Guy's and St Thomas'What are arrhythmias?


Arrhythmias are disturbances in cardiac (heart) rhythm and are very common.

There are many different types of arrhythmia, including simple extra beats and more sustained rapid beats. Disturbances of rhythm can also sometimes cause slow heart beats. 

The symptoms experienced are varied. Some people may notice simple ‘skips and jumps’, others rapid heart beats. Sometimes dizziness or less commonly blackouts may occur.

About us

We run five specialist arrhythmia clinics at both Guy's and St Thomas'. We also provide regular pacemaker and defibrillator clinics to support the arrhythmia clinics.

All our clinics are run by a consultants known as electrophysiologists, who treat patients with arrhythmias. 

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