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Gringras, Paul - Professor of children's sleep medicine and neurodisability


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Secretary tel: 020 7188 4649

Area of expertise: children's sleep medicine and neurodisability

  • Biography 

    Professor Paul Gringras has worked in the field of children's neurodisability and sleep medicine for over 15 years.

    His sleep medicine experience and training was gained in both the UK and Chicago, USA. 

    Paul founded and runs the department of children's sleep medicine at the Evelina. The department of children's sleep medicine integrates fully with the adult sleep disorders centre, both of which sit within the Lifespan Sleep Medicine Group. This is one of the only groups of sleep professionals in the UK who are able to offer a true lifespan service within one hospital. Sleep disorders in childhood are treated and monitored smoothly from adolescence through to adulthood by attending specialist transitional sleep clinics. Colleagues from both services work together closely, combining clinical and research work, so that the long-term impact of sleep disorders and their treatments can be evaluated.

    Paul's academic position is with King's College London.

  • Education and training

    • Qualified Leeds University MRCPCH (1986)
    • MRCPCH (Paediatrics UK) (1991)
    • MSc in Community and Developmental Paediatrics, Institute of Child Health (1996)
    • Fellowship Training Program in Pediatric Sleep Medicine, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Chicago (2003)
  • Specialist interests

    • Children's sleep medicine, including narcolepsy, delayed sleep phase syndrome, sleep initiation and maintenance disorders and obstructive sleep apnoea
    • Management of behavioural difficulties in autism, ADHD and other neurodevelopmental conditions
  • Research interests

    • Sleep disorders in autism and Down’s syndrome
    • Narcolepsy and Kleine Levin Syndrome
    • The impact of sleep disorders on daytime behaviour and learning
    • Development of online tools for health monitoring in paediatrics
    • Holds a number of multicentre grants and publishes widely in books and peer reviewed journals
  • Awards

    Chair in sleep medicine at King's College London, 2010