Current volunteer roles

We are currently recruiting volunteers for roles in these areas. Please read the role description carefully to ensure you have the skills required and you are available to volunteer on the days and at the times required by the department.

If you wish to apply for a role please go to the How to apply section.

Activity volunteers for the ageing and health wards

  • We are looking for reliable, committed, enthusiastic activity volunteers (Word 266Kb) to improve the experience of patients in our ageing and health wards.You will work with staff to encourage patients to increase their physical and mental activity by organising and participating in activities, talking, reading and playing games with them. You will also help out at mealtimes, accompany patients to facilities in the hospital such as the shops, hairdresser and gardens and run errands for patients whose mobility is restricted. Volunteers will be organised on a rota basis to cover the hours of 10am-4pm. In addition to the Trust volunteer induction there will be a compulsory half-day training session.

Admin and clerical support

  • Rheumatology and lupus department (Word 42Kb) – you will assist with distributing and recording patient surveys, helping at reception and doing admin tasks.
  • Dimbleby Cancer Care is looking for an admin and information volunteer (Word 145Kb) with a mature and dependable outlook to assist them with welcoming patients when they visit the centre, ensure information leaflets are available, direct patients to the appropriate material and assist with setting up for group workshops. If you have basic data entry skills this would be most welcome. This role is two days a week - every Wednesday and then either a Tuesday or Friday.

Cancer Centre

  • We are recruiting volunteer welcomers and wayfinders (Word 141Kb) for our cancer centre to join the established team of volunteers enhancing the patient’s experience. Volunteer shifts are organised on a rota basis to cover Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm. Training specific to volunteering in the Cancer Centre will be given. 

Outpatient support

  • Diabetic eye complications screening service (Word 126Kb) – to assist patients arriving in the diabetic eye complications screening clinic. You will welcome patients, manage the list for the day and give extra assistance if required especially for our more vulnerable patients. 
  • Endoscopy unit (Word 127Kb) – a volunteer is needed to welcome patients, provide light refreshments, inform about waiting times and complete patient satisfaction surveys. You may also be asked to call patients to remind them of appointments. Ideally you would be available one-day a week, Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm.
  • Rapid access diagnostic clinic (Word 138Kb) – this small clinical team would like a volunteer to assist them in preparing patients for assessment. This will include checking weight, height and blood pressure and conducting a mental health survey with them. This would particularly suit someone who is studying for or is intending to study for a clinical health career.
  • Foot health clinic (Word 257Kb) – volunteers are needed to help enhance the experience of patients using their services. Volunteers will greet patients, help with surveys, help assist patients with additional needs and be part of the team that delivers excellent care.
  • Guy’s orthopaedic out patient clinic (Word 128Kb) – volunteers are needed to cover Monday to Friday 10am-4pm or just morning or afternoon sessions to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for their patients, to assist with completion of surveys and help at reception if needed.  They are looking for more than one volunteer for this role and volunteers will be organised on a rota basis.

Join our Trust forums

  • We are looking for patient and public members from our local community to join our Trust forums.

How to apply 

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