Follow-up appointments

PEP emergency medicines for exposure to HIV

During your PEP treatment, you need to have blood tests and appointments. You also have follow-up appointments a few months after you finish your treatment. How often you need to be seen depends on your treatment.

Clinics for follow-up appointments

It's important that you come to your follow-up appointments at the right clinic.

For PEP after sexual exposure

Go to Burrell Street clinic.

For PEP after exposure at work (occupational)

Go to the occupational health department.

For non-sexual and non-occupational exposure

The team that you see in the emergency department (A&E) explain where you need to go.

For London Ambulance Service staff

Please ask for a copy of the risk assessment and treatment received, and email it to: [email protected] 

More tests

We recommend repeating an HIV test 6.5 weeks after you finish PEP. You can do this through a GP or your occupational health team. 

You might also need hepatitis B vaccines, depending on your blood test results. Please speak to your GP or occupational health team about this.

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For medical students on electives abroad:

Contact the occupational health department

In an emergency, phone 020 7848 6490 or email [email protected] 

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