Partnerships – local, national and international

The Trust has a long tradition of working with partners, both locally and further afield, sharing clinical knowledge and management expertise.

As a provider of specialist services we are a key partner in many clinical networks that span a range of specialities. These include children's, cardiovascular, kidney and cancer services. We are a regional genetics centre and are actively involved in the national 100,000 Genomes Project. We are delighted to host the national Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult which is colocated with our Biomedical Research centre at Guy's Hospital.

Delivering care in innovative ways

Our aim is to deliver care in innovative ways, centralising where necessary while offering care closer to home where possible. New dialysis and radiotherapy and chemotherapy services at Sidcup, and services for complex respiratory patients in Surrey (see below) highlight our work with both NHS and commercial partners.
Lane Fox REMEO nurse and patient

Since welcoming community health services into the Trust in 2011, we have benefited from new opportunities to engage in creative partnerships beyond our hospitals, working with primary and social care colleagues as well as third sector organisations and local people. We are also the first NHS organisation in England to test a “radical” method of community nursing scheme which uses key elements of the Dutch nursing model known as Buurtzorg.

Developing research

Through King's Health Partners, our academic health sciences centre, we have strengthened our academic and research activities and also benefited from stronger links with one of the UK's leading mental health trusts. We are ranked top in England for the number of patients recruited to clinical trials and second for the number of studies.

Our reputation for sound finances and high quality services, including operational performance, quality and safety, led to a 'buddying' arrangement with Medway NHS Foundation Trust for over two years.

  • Cancer Centre at Queen Mary's Hospital Sidcup 

    The Trust opened a new Cancer Centre on the Queen Mary's Hospital site in Sidcup in May 2017, offering local people to access radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment, as well as holistic support and advice from Dimbleby Cancer Care and Macmillan.

    We are delighted to be able to reduce the need for patients to travel to the new Cancer Centre at Guy's for their treatment. 

    A further service at Sidcup – which opened in April 2017 – allows many of our kidney patients to receive their regular dialysis treatment and outpatient appointments at a more convenient location. This builds on existing satellite dialysis centres at Borough, Camberwell, Forest Hill, New Cross Gate, and Tunbridge Wells.

  • Lane Fox REMEO Respiratory Centre

    We opened the first satellite of our renowned Lane Fox Unit in partnership with The Linde Group in the grounds of East Surrey Hospital in 2014. 

    The UK's first purpose-built weaning and home ventilation centre offers patients with complex respiratory needs access to highly specialist care, including virtual access to consultants, specialist nurses and technicians. 

    Through the integration of technology and healthcare we are enhancing the patient experience and improving outcomes.

    Access to this specialist centre in Surrey allows more patients to leave intensive care, helps with recovery and speeds up their return home, while also freeing up intensive care beds for other acutely ill patients.

  • Buddying with Medway

    Guy's and St Thomas' recently undertook a two-year 'buddying' arrangement with Medway NHS Foundation Trust. A range of senior clinicians and managers from Guy's and St Thomas' supported the trust to improve patient safety, performance, quality and staff engagement following a series of difficult CQC inspections.

    We worked closely with the Trust's chief executive and board, with improvement work and mentoring focused on emergency care, the flow of patients through the hospital, nursing leadership and clinical engagement. 

    This is an early example of the work we are doing to help the wider health economy and is enabling us to create a unique offer of support that is firmly embedded in our values and emerging 'Guy's and St Thomas' Way', sharing practical solutions to help drive performance improvement and culture change.

    Commenting on the partnership, Lesley Dwyer, Chief Executive of Medway NHS Foundation Trust said: "We would like to thank our colleagues at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust with whom we have had a special relationship through our successful buddying arrangement. Their support has been critical to our improvement and we look forward to continuing an enduring partnership with them."

  • Integrating care in Southwark and Lambeth

    Southwark and Lambeth Integrated Care (SLIC) was a three-year partnership in Lambeth and Southwark, supported by Guy's and St Thomas' Charity, working with a wide range of partners and local communities to improve care for elderly people and those with long-term conditions. 

    A detailed evaluation report highlighting successes and lessons learned from the SLIC project is now available. Many lessons have wider application for partnership working and service improvement.

    Building on the work of SLIC, our Adult Local Services Programme is working in collaboration with other trusts, primary care, social care, voluntary sector organisations and local people to better integrate and improve care. This includes working with our five Local Care Networks, as well as a new partnership with Buurtzorg in the Netherlands to test the role of self-managed nursing teams in caring for people in their own homes.
    Our integrated children's hospital and community services, Evelina London Healthcare, is applying similar approaches to care for children and their families. This is supported by the Children and Young People's Health Partnership in Lambeth and Southwark.

Decoding DNA: the 100,000 Genomes Project

teaser-genomes-projectBy the end of 2017, we plan to recruit more than 3,000 people to take part in the 100,000 Genomes Project, a groundbreaking initiative that aims to decode the DNA sequences of 100,000 genomes from people who have a rare disease or condition.

Innovation impact stories

King’s Health Partners has published innovation impact stories, a new book showcasing a wide variety of clinical academic collaborations to improve the lives of our patients.