Maternity survey shows improvements in care

Posted on Tuesday 15 December 2015

A national survey published today (Tuesday 15 December) highlights improvements in maternity care at Guy’s and St Thomas'.

The survey by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) shows the Trust has improved in eight out of 15 categories relating to communication, information and the empathy of staff caring for women in labour, birth and postnatal care in hospital.

This shows that the maternity team’s hard work to improve women’s experience of their care since the last survey was carried out in 2013 has had a major impact.

Some of the most significant improvements include:

  • providing women with appropriate advice at the start of labour
  • giving women the information and explanations they need after their baby is born
  • treating women with dignity and respect
  • speaking to women in a way they can understand
  • treating women with kindness and understanding after their baby is born
  • the cleanliness of hospital rooms.

Marie McDonald, director of nursing, adult services, says: “It’s encouraging to see improvements in areas related to keeping women informed and ensuring that they feel supported during their labour, birth and after they have their baby.

“It is heartening that these are all areas which we focused on improving when we developed our action plan following the last national survey two years ago.”

The survey has also highlighted a small number of areas in which Guy’s and St Thomas’ performance has declined compared to the last maternity survey in 2013.

These include women and their partners not feeling involved enough in decisions about their care during labour and birth, women not feeling their concerns are always taken seriously enough and staff not always introducing themselves.

Marie McDonald says: “We will be developing an action plan in response to what women have told us so that we can address those areas where we know we need to do better.

“Since the survey was carried out earlier this year we have already made improvements. The Trust’s adoption of the #hellomynameis campaign means that all staff now wear yellow name badges and are encouraged to introduce themselves by name to women and their partners.”

Every year more than 6,500 women give birth at the Maternity Unit in St Thomas’ Hospital, or at home, supported by our staff.

The full results of the survey are available on the Care Quality Commission website


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