Love your heart this Valentine's Day

Posted on Friday 13 February 2015

Many people will be concerned with matters of the heart on Valentine’s Day. It’s therefore a great opportunity to think about what we can all do to keep our hearts healthy and minimise the risk of heart disease.

Dr Gerry Carr-White, Cardiology Consultant at Guy’s and St Thomas’, says: “Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in the UK. We could all do more to keep our hearts healthy and minimise our risk of developing heart disease.”

Watch our short video to see Dr Carr-White's top tips for a healthy heart:

These top tips are:

• Eat healthily – Make sure you’re eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and not consuming too many fatty and sugary foods. A balanced diet reduces the risk of coronary heart disease.

• Avoid drinking too much alcohol - Alcohol can cause abnormal heart rhythms and damages heart muscle.

• Stop smoking - Smokers are twice as likely to have a heart attack compared with people who have never smoked. It’s never too late to quit – Guy’s and St Thomas’ runs a stop smoking service.

• Stay active – Regular exercise can help you manage your weight and keep your heart in good shape.

Guy’s and St Thomas’ cardiovascular centre sees more than 4,000 new patients each year and provides a wide range of services, such as cardiac and vascular surgery, specialised vascular ultrasound screening, and care for patients in the community.

The centre’s staff are highly skilled and experienced and include researchers working to find new treatments. Because every heart is unique, the Trust is using the latest imaging and computer modelling techniques to ensure the care we offer is precisely tailored to each individual patient.

Find out more about cardiovascular services at Guy’s and St Thomas’

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