Organ Donation Week 2018

Date and time
Thursday, 06 September 2018
8:00am to 2:00pm
St Thomas' Street, outside Guy's Hospital (opposite the Shard), Guy's Hospital, Great Maze Pond, London SE1 9RT

There is no need to book your place, simply turn up on the day.


The Guy’s and St Thomas’ Organ Donation Committee will be on hand to answer your questions about organ donation. Staff, patients and visitors will have the opportunity to become life savers by signing up to the Organ Donor Register.

Currently three people die every day in need of an organ transplant, often because families haven’t discussed the subject and don’t know whether to consent to donation on behalf of their relative or not. Starting on Monday 3 September, Organ Donation Week will see individuals and organisations across the United Kingdom working to raise awareness of the important need for families to talk about organ donation to help save lives.

Last year, the families of 17 patients who died at Guy's and St Thomas' consented to organ donation. Thanks to their generosity, 39 seriously ill people received life saving transplants. 2017/18 was a record breaking year for organ donation in the UK, with over 1500 people becoming donors, enabling over 4000 life saving transplants. But organ donation is rare - only around 5000 people across the UK each year die in circumstances where they could donate their organs. 

Right now across the UK, there are around 6,000 people in need of an organ transplant, including around 150 children and teenagers. On average three people die every day in need of an organ transplant because there just aren’t enough organ donors.

For people in the black, Asian and ethnic minority communities the situation is even more critical. More donors are needed to address an increase in patients from these communities dying whilst waiting for an organ transplant.

If you donate your organs after you die you could save and improve the lives of up to nine people.