Amy Goldman


Registered genetic counsellor GCRB 360


During Amy's BSc Biological Sciences with Genetics degree, she specialised in human reproduction, embryology and cancer genetics.

Amy completed her MSc Genetic Counselling at the University of Manchester, and worked as a trainee genetic vounsellor at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust for three years.

During this time, she was elected as the new genetic counsellor representative for the UK Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors (AGNC). Amy attained her professional registration with the Genetic Counsellor Registration Board (GCRB) in 2018, and moved to Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust to pursue her specialist interest in preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).

Education and training

  • BSc Biological Sciences with Genetics at University of Birmingham
  • MSc Genetic Counselling at University of Manchester
  • Professional Registration (GCRB) at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust

Research interests

  • Family communication

  • Communicating risk information to children


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Last updated: April 2022

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