Eshika Haque


Genetic counsellor


Eshika is a registered genetic counsellor who has worked in the field of genetics for over eight years. She did her genetic counselling training at the clinical genetic centre at Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow before moving to Guy's Hospital in 2010 to take up a permanent position.

She works in general, cancer, and prenatal genetics. She has a variety of specialist interests including metabolic and mitochondrial genetics, cancer genetics, Tay Sachs screening and pre-implantation Genetic diagnosis (PGD).

Education and training

  • BSc in Medical and Molecular Genetics – Leeds University
  • MSc by Research in Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics with a focus on Multiple Sclerosis – Oxford University
  • MSc in Genetic Counselling – Cardiff University

Last updated: April 2022

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