Nizam Mamode


Consultant transplant surgeon


Professor Nizam Mamode trained in Glasgow before moving to London in 2002. He also spent a short period at David Sutherland's unit in Minnesota. He retains strong links with this unit.

He introduced laparoscopic donor nephrectomy and antibody incompatible transplantation into the unit, which now has the largest experience of both in the UK. Nizam performed the first robotic donor nephrectomy in the UK, and the first robotic transplant in the UK.

He has a large experience of transplanting complex patients and small children.

Research interests

He has published over 60 papers and currently is Chief Investigator of several studies, listed below:

  • The Remind Study: a multicentre, randomised controlled trial of B cell depletion in renal transplantion
  • The POWAR Study: a NIHR funded, multicentre, randomised controlled study of antibiotics in living kindey donors.
  • The BOUND Study: a NIHR funded, national study of unspecified (altruistic) kidney donors.

He is principal investigator in two studes of eculizumab, a ground-breaking new therapy, in transplantation for highly sensitized patients. He is attempting to develop a method of implanting kidneys laparoscopically and is working on inducing tolerance using combined marrow and kidney transplantation. He has a strong interest in the ethics of transplantation.

He has completed a book 'Abominal Transplantation: State of the Art', as well as two book chapters, and was made professor of transplantation surgery in 2015.


  • Guy's and St Thomas' Charitable Foundation: Robotic Renal transplantation, £82 567.
  • NIHR 13/54/54 unspecified donation in the UK– barriers to implementation and delivery. £872 756. Awarded 2014.
  • Guy's and St Thomas' Charitable Foundation Grant no G101007. Awarded Dec 2012: £149 398 000 for ‘Quantitative assessment of psychosocial benefit after living donor transplantation.’
  • NIHR Research for Patient Benefit: PB-PG-1010-23108 – Are prophylactic antibiotics necessary before laparoscopic living kidney donation? A randomised, controlled trial. £248 382. Awarded 2011.
  • St John’s Ambulance Brigade Transplant Fellowship £6000: Combined bone marrow and renal transplantation to induce tolerance. Awarded 2011.
  • Healthcare Association. £6125. Combined bone marrow and renal transplantation to induce tolerance. Awarded 2011.
  • Analysis of T cell function after B cell depletion. Guy's Biomedical Research Centre £10 000 Awarded 2010.
  • Astellas International Pharma: £100 000 for randomized controlled trial of rituximab in renal transplantation. Awarded 2010.
  • Kidney Patients Association: T cell function and Rituximab. £75 000. Awarded 2008.
  • St John’s Ambulance Brigade Transplant Fellowship £6000: Laparoscopic transplantation. Awarded 2007.
  • National Silver Award for Clinical Excellence 2015.

Last updated: April 2022

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