Jawad, Ruhi A. - sexual and reproductive health consultant


Consultant profiles


Ruhi JawadTel: 020 3049 7951
Email: ruhi.jawad@gstt.nhs.uk

Secretary: Ceri Murphy
Tel: 020 3049 6806
Email: ceri.murphy@gstt.nhs.uk

Area of expertise: medical gynaecology, forensic gynaecology, sexual health.

Languages spoken: English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi

  • Biography

    Trained in obstetrics and gynaecology, Dr Jawad works as a sexual and reproductive health consultant in the community, dealing with:

    • family planning
    • complex contraception
    • ultrasound in family planning
    • deep implants and lost IUDs (intrauterine devices) and IUS (intrauterine system) coils
    • sexual health, particularly working with young people, vulnerable groups, trafficked people (The Poppy Project) and victims of war
    • victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse
    • outpatient gyanaecology patients.

    Dr Jawad is a trained sexual offences examiner and has worked in forensic gyanaecology at King's College Hospital and The Havens.

    Her other appointments include:

    • member of the Higher Training Committee, Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health (FSRH) / Royal College of Obstretricians (RCOG)
    • honorary lecturer
    • lead educational supervisor speciality training programme (CSRH)
    • educational supervisor, London Deanery
    • member of working group, Dip FCASA
    • examiner for Membership of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare of the FRSH and RCOG
    • clinical/educational supervisor of the GP vocational training programme for sexual and reproductive health.
  • Education and training

    • MBBS
    • MSC
    • FRCOG
    • MFSRH
    • MFFLM.
  • Specialist interests 

    • medical gynaecology
    • family planning
    • sexual health
    • forensic gynaecology.
  • Awards 

    • King's Development Award, King's College Hospital 2003
    • Ethicon Travel Award (RCOG) January 2003 – to attend the sexual assault forensic examiner training for healthcare professionals programme at the California Training Medical Centre, University of California Davis. USA
    • commendation by Detective Constable Superintendent A. Baker, London Metropolitan Police.