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Coronavirus update: Children's dentistry


From Wednesday 18 March 2020, we will not be able to provide any routine dental treatment for children. All booked appointments for treatment or assessment have been cancelled until further notice. This includes dental treatment under general anaesthesia (operations). If your child has a booked operation date for dental treatment, you should have been contacted to cancel this appointment. We will be in touch once we are able to recommence routine dental treatment.

Emergency dental treatment for children

For children who require acute dental care services, parents are expected to contact NHS 111, where they will be triaged (process of sorting patients based on their need for treatment) by a dental nurse.

Following the dental nurse triage, patients will be given a contact number to call the dental centre at St Thomas' Hospital between 9am and 12 noon every day.

We are only seeing patients with:

  • major gum and/or facial swelling caused by abscess
  • severe injury and/or trauma (not including broken fillings or teeth)
  • uncontrollable bleeding of the mouth.

Treatments available for young children with toothache are limited. Your family general dental practitioner should be able to help if your child has toothache.

If you are asked to attend the dental centre at St Thomas' Hospital, you are expected to keep to the government guidelines on 'social distancing' (two metres apart). This guidance is for everyone, including children. Failure to keep to these guidelines puts everyone at risk.

If your child has any of the three conditions listed and your family is in voluntary isolation, you must inform us immediately upon arrival.



Please visit the main Trust coronavirus (COVID-19) page for more information including the actions we are taking to care for patients and reduce the risk of spreading the infection.