Blood transfusion information for patients


Clinic locations

If you are losing blood during an operation, or are bleeding, you might need to have a blood transfusion to ensure you have enough blood.

Sometimes if you are receiving drug or radiation treatment this might lower your blood count, so we may also need to give you blood for this.

Before a blood transfusion takes place, we will always explain the reason you need to have it.

If you prefer not to receive blood, please make this clear to all staff involved in your care and we will discuss alternative options with you.

If you need to have a blood transfusion, you will be seen either in the general haematology clinic (1 or 2) or in the haematology day unit. 


  • Dr Susan Robinson, consultant haematologist 
  • Vanessa Fulkes, senior blood transfusion practitioner
  • Carolyn Price, blood transfusion practitioner
  • Jemma Kyte, blood transfusion practitioner
  • Scott Miller, blood transfusion administrator
  • Bukky Olukoya, transfusion traceability officer