Garden room


Our garden room, based in the home from home birth centre is quite literally a 'room with a view'. The garden is planted with a mixture of silk and real plants and offers panoramic views of the river Thames and the capital's skyline.

Why use the garden room?

Giving birth is one of the biggest life changes any woman will ever experience. Early active labour is an important time for women to bond with their birth partner and for midwives to give support.

The garden roomThe garden roomView from the garden room

This room is designed to provide a quiet space to relax in before the final stages of labour begin. It also allows any pregnant women using the room to give each other help and encouragement.

As the garden is on the same floor as both the home from home unit and hospital birth centre, women have easy access to the pool rooms or their en-suite birth room, where they continue their labour. It also encourages them to keep moving throughout labour, which helps many women to give birth more quickly. 

The home from home birth centre is for women with low-risk pregnancies and the hospital birth centre helps women and babies who need extra care.

Garden design

The garden room was designed by Woodhams, one of the world's leading florist and landscape design companies and includes a central sculpture, designed by artist Liliane Lijn. It was funded by the Guy's and St Thomas' Charity.