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Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

NHS funding

Once we know that we can offer you PGD, we can advise you about whether you are entitled to NHS funding. 

Each referral is considered individually. Since April 2013, NHS England agreed to central funding for couples living in England and, if the defined criteria are met, couples may be entitled to up to three cycles of PGD.

For couples living in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, it is necessary to make an individual application for funding to the relevant health authority.

There is no NHS funding for HLA tissue typing.

See the criteria for funding (PDF 346Kb). 

If you are not eligible for NHS funding, you may choose to pay for your own treatment, if  PGD is agreed as an option for you and has a reasonable chance of success.

Self funding - how much does PGD cost?

Please contact for our most recent price list.  

The cost of PGD is split into two parts.

Procedural costs

This relates to the procedural cost including the consultations, laboratory testing, egg collection, one embryo transfer, scans and blood tests. This is a standard and complete cost for all of our patients and each new cycle will cost the same. It also includes freezing of any surplus unaffected embryos for one year after which there will be an annual storage fee. You will have to pay for further treatment cycles using frozen embryos if appropriate. 

Drug costs

This relates to the medicines that are needed for down regulation, ovarian stimulation and embryo transfer. This will vary depending on the needs of the couple. Factors that will affect this include:

  • your age (woman)
  • hormone test results
  • previous response to similar medicines.

More information about self funding through Guy's and St Thomas' Private Healthcare.



Self funding

If you are self funding, please email for our price list.