Your first appointment


Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

This appointment usually lasts about one hour. There is a considerable amount of information to discuss at this appointment, so please arrive on time. You will meet one of the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) genetic counsellors or a clinical geneticist, and possibly one of the fertility team doctors or nurses. You will be able to ask questions and tell us how you feel that PGD could help you.

What will be discussed during the consultation?

  • a general introduction to PGD treatmentPerson sitting at desk filling out form
  • an explanation of how the treatment works including the plan for testing embryos
  • whether or not we need to apply for an HFEA licence to offer PGD
  • the likelihood of success and the limitations of the procedure
  • a general health history from both of you.

At the end of the first visit, we are usually able to give you some idea of whether we can offer you PGD or whether there are any potential problems that may reduce the chances of PGD success from the outset. Sometimes we need to arrange additional investigations before we can consider treatment.

Will I need any tests or investigations?

Clinical procedures like scans or examinations are not usually carried out during this appointment, although occasionally blood tests are required. These are usually only done at this stage if we have any medical concerns about how effective or safe the treatment might be for you.

After the first appointment

After the appointment you will be sent a detailed letter summarising our discussions. If you decide that you would like to continue, then you need to contact us to let us know that you wish to proceed with the next stage of preparation for PGD. The next stage of your treatment will take place at our Assisted Conception Unit.

What we will do after the first appointment?

We will clarify if you meet the national funding criteria. If not and we are able to do so, we will apply for funding.Scientist carrying out test

We will apply to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority for a licence where necessary. This will take several weeks to complete and then will be sent to the HFEA. Their turnaround time is approximately two months. 

If you have requested PGD for a chromosome rearrangement then in most cases the PGD scientists do not need to set up a test before you start treatment.

If you have requested pre-implantation genetic diagnosis for a single gene disorder (eg sickle cell, cystic fibrosis), then our scientists will have to set up a special test. When necessary, we will arrange for blood samples to be sent to our laboratory to prepare the test. These samples can usually be collected by the GP or nurse at your local surgery. The blood samples are needed to make sure the PGD testing will be possible and accurate. We may need blood or DNA samples from other relatives too, but this will be discussed at your appointment.


Contact us

Genetics enquiries and potential patients

Tel: 020 7188 1392
Email: pgdgenetics

Email: gst-tr.

Assisted Conception Unit (ACU) enquiries and current patients

Tel: 020 7188 2300
Email: IVF.PGD@


See our glossary of terms (PDF 11Kb) to explain any words you may not understand.


We can advise you about whether you are entitled to NHS funding.

If you are self funding, please email for our price list.