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Your second appointment and consent


Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

Your second appointment

Once the first appointment is complete you will need to return for another appointment before treatment can begin. Your second appointment will take place at the Assisted Conception Unit. This appointment will include:

Please bring with you any information about previous fertility treatment you may have had. The doctor will make sure you are suitable to start pre-implantation genetic diagnosis treatment (PGD) and will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Obtaining consent

Before you receive any treatment, your doctor will explain what he or she is recommending and the risks involved. We will answer any questions you may have as we want you to have all the information you need. This is so you can decide whether you want treatment. No treatment is carried out without your consent.

You will be asked to sign consent forms confirming your agreement to treatment which will be sent out to you ahead of time so that you are familiar with the content. You may find helping you decide – our consent policy useful. 


Contact us

Genetics enquiries and potential patients

Tel: 020 7188 1392
Email: pgdgenetics

Email: gst-tr.

Assisted Conception Unit (ACU) enquiries and current patients

Tel: 020 7188 2300
Email: IVF.PGD@

Initial invesigations

At your second appointment we will do some investigations.