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Starting your PGD treatment


Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

How can I be referred for PGD treatment?

Most letters of referral to our centre come from clinical geneticists. It is essential that you have already been seen in your local genetics department before attending our clinic.

This is to make sure that you have had an opportunity to discuss the genetic basis of your condition, that all necessary laboratory work has been completed and that you are aware of all the options available to you when you consider having a baby. Prior contact with a clinical genetics centre is essential if you wish to request NHS funding.

Before your PGD treatment

After your geneticist or genetic counsellor has referred you to us and we have checked that we have a PGD test for use in your case, we will send you an information pack. This contains forms for both of you to complete.

We have a legal obligation to consider the welfare of any children born as a result of treatment (see the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HEFA) website for more information). The forms ask you questions about your background which are relevant to you having PGD. We will also ask for your written permission to contact your GP(s) and any other doctors involved in your care.

  • Criteria for starting PGD treatment

    You can be considered for a PGD cycle if:

    • you are a woman under 40 years of age at start of treatment
    • you complete and return our questionnaires
    • you are living together in a stable relationship
    • the woman’s hormone levels are within a range that suggests that her ovaries will respond to treatment
    • an accurate test is available and there is a licence from the HFEA
    • the PGD team agrees that you are suitable for treatment
    • there are no concerns about the welfare of any child conceived using our treatment
    • funding is available – either from the NHS or yourselves if you choose to pay for your own treatment.
  • PGD treatment timeframe

    Preparation for a PGD cycle consists of several stages and is the most time consuming part of the process. The preparation time will vary, depending upon:

    • the condition for which we are doing PGD
    • whether we have to apply for an HFEA licence
    • whether we have to apply for NHS funding
    • other medical factors
    • how we organise your PGD cycle.

    The following gives you the average time that it takes before you will start a treatment cycle:

    • PGD for chromosome rearrangements – five to six months
    • PGD for single gene disorders – six to 12 months.

    If it is a new condition which we have not set up before and a licence is needed from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, it will take longer to prepare PGD. The timeline will be discussed in detail with you at your first appointment.

    PGD timeline to start of treatment 

    Preparation for a PGD cycle involves:


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See our glossary of terms (PDF 11Kb) to explain any words you may not understand.


We can advise you about whether you are entitled to NHS funding.

If you are self funding, please email for our price list.