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Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

Our team is made up of medical and scientific specialists, who are all dedicated to giving a comprehensive and caring service. We work within the Assisted Conception Unit (ACU) and the Clinical Genetics Unit, with the help of a large team that provides care for all patients who use our specialised services. A number of the ACU staff will usually be involved in your care. You may not meet everyone listed below, but they will be working alongside the dedicated PGD team.

Genetic counsellors and doctors

You will meet a senior pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) genetic counsellor or clinical geneticist, and sometimes an ACU nurse or doctor on your first visit. The clinical genetics service works closely with the ACU to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive information available.

  • Charlotte Tomlinson, consultant general genetic counsellor & clinical genetics PGD lead
  • Eshika Haque, principal genetic counsellor in general genetics & PGD
  • Amy Goldman, genetic counsellor
  • Karen Pierpoint, genetic counsellor
  • Rhianna Rakhra, genetic counsellor
  • Tazeen Ashraf, clinical genetics registrar


The ACU nurses plan your treatment schedule and teach you about any medications used in your treatment. The nurses perform ultrasound scans, blood tests and assist in egg collection and embryo replacement procedures. They look after you during and after the procedures involved in your treatment and offer support and advice by telephone. The main nurses involved with PGD are:

  • Rachel Dyer

  • Ali Marqueses
  • Alice Denga, matron


You will meet a PGD doctor on your second visit to us. Our team of doctors will oversee all aspects of your treatment in the unit and perform ultrasound scans, egg collection and embryo replacement.

  • Mr Yacoub Khalaf, Director of the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis  (PGD) programme

  • Dr Jan Grace, consultant in reproductive medicine

  • Dr Tarek El-Toukhy, consultant in reproductive medicine

  • Dr Christos Kleanthis
  • Dr Mona Salman


The embryologists are a highly specialised team of clinical scientists who look after your eggs, sperm and embryos in our modern and state-of-the-art laboratories. They will perform all the procedures from identifying and fertilising the eggs to biopsying and vitrifying (freezing) the embryos. You are likely to meet them on the day of egg collection and subsequently at embryo transfer. Whilst gametes and embryos are developing in the lab, the embryology team will give updates by telephone. When genetic testing is completed the embryologists will call you with the results.


A team of scientists in the laboratory perform the important chromosome or genetic testing for PGD cases. You are likely to meet them during a treatment cycle before embryo transfer.

  • Dr Pamela Renwick, consultant clinical scientist
  • Professor Caroline Ogilvie, consultant cytogeneticist

  • Dr Elaine Ronaldson, Jane Ward, Dr Heema Hewitson and Lucy Spencer - clinical scientists
  • Dr Angela Davies and Susan Bint - senior clinical scientists
  • Sarah Chu, Dr Adele Corrigan, Charlotte Lee and Alice Pendlebury-Watt - clinical scientists involved in PGD for chromosome rearrangements

Administration team

A member of the ACU administration team will probably be the first person you meet when you come to the unit. They are responsible for keeping your records, answering initial queries and making sure a doctor or nurse responds to your questions when appropriate.

  • Nawal Suleiman, PGD and specialised services co-ordinator

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