Your physiotherapy appointment

Minimising the effects of physical injuries and strengthening muscles


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Open: 7.30am-7pm Monday-Friday, 8am-1pm on Saturday

Your appointment

This information is aimed at patients who have been referred to the physiotherapy department by their doctor or hospital specialist.

  • Before your appointment 

    • check which hospital to go to, as we hold appointments at both hospitals
    • please bring a list of any medicines you are taking
    • think about what to wear. The physiotherapist may carry out a physical examination, so wear suitable underwear. You may wish to bring a pair of shorts
    • please arrive on time. If you are late, we may not be able to see you, as this can cause delays for patients who have appointments after you
    • you can bring a relative or friend with you to your appointment if you wish
    • your appointment may last up to 45 minutes, so please allow this amount of time for your visit.
  • Cancelling or changing an appointment

    Please give us at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or change your appointment, by calling us on the number above or emailing If you do not come to your appointment and haven't contacted us, we may discharge you back to your referring doctor.

  • What you can expect at your appointment

    We may ask you to complete a short questionnaire when you come for your first appointment. Please let the receptionist know if you have difficulties with this.

    The physiotherapist will:

    • assess how your problem is affecting your life and the level of fitness you need for your usual activities
    • ask lots of questions, watch how you move and touch the symptomatic area
    • explain how to manage your symptoms, contribute to your own recovery and prevent the problem from recurring.

    As this is a teaching hospital, students supervised by qualified staff might be involved in your care. It is valuable training for students and does not affect the quality of your treatment in any way, but please tell us if you do not want them to be present or involved. We will always respect your wishes.

  • After your appointment

    The physiotherapist will discuss with you the best way to manage your problem. You may be:

    • given advice on how to manage your condition at home
    • started on a course of individual physiotherapy
    • referred to a physiotherapy exercise group and information class specific to your condition.

Patient leaflets

See the physiotherapy patient leaflets page for a list of leaflets produced by our department.