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Healthcare worker flu vaccination best practice management checklist

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In preparation for the flu vaccination programme, the Trust is required to complete a healthcare worker flu vaccination best practice management checklist to demonstrate its preparedness to engage with and vaccinate 100% of frontline workers. 

The Trust completed this and it was signed off by the quality and performance committee in September 2020 as fully compliant.  

Flu staff vaccination programme 2020/21
ACommitted leadershipTrust self- assessment
A1 Board record commitment to achieving the ambition of vaccinating all frontline healthcare workers Yes
A2 Trust has ordered and provided a quadrivalent (QIV) flu vaccine for healthcare workers Yes 20,000 ordered
A3 Board receive an evaluation of the flu programme 2019/20, including data, successes, challenges and lessons learnt Yes
A4 Agree on a board champion for flu campaign Antonia Lynch
A5 All board members receive flu vaccination and publicise this Yes
A6 Flu team formed with representatives from all directorates, staff groups and trade union representatives Yes
A7 Flu team to meet regularly from September 2020 Commenced
in August
BCommunications plan  
B1 Rationale for the flu vaccination programme and facts to
be published – sponsored by senior clinical leaders and
trades unions
B2 Drop in clinics and mobile vaccination schedule to be published electronically, on social media and on paper Yes
B3 Board and senior managers having their vaccinations to be publicised Yes
B4  Flu vaccination programme and access to vaccination on induction programmes Yes
B5 Programme to be publicised on screensavers, posters and social media Yes
B6 Weekly feedback on percentage uptake for directorates, teams and professional groups Yes
CFlexible accessibility  
C1 Peer vaccinators, ideally at least one in each clinical area to be identified, trained, released to vaccinate and empowered Yes
C2 Schedule for easy access drop in clinics agreed Yes
C3  Schedule for 24 hour mobile vaccinations to be agreed Yes