Required financial information

If you are collaborating with our researchers or running a multi-centre study that you would like Guy’s and St Thomas’ to take part in, then any application to an external funding scheme must be made in conjunction with our research and development governance and finance teams.

You should contact both teams as early as possible.

Key time points and contacts

Before the application closing date:

  • six weeks (minimum) - you must make a registration of intent to apply for external funding. It will not be possible to process applications received after this deadline
  • three weeks (minimum) - you must provide detailed financial information
  • five working days (minimum) - your application must be finalised.

The key contact for this process is the research and development finance team at

What we need from you

You must provide the research and development finance team with the items below.

  • A copy of the application finance form and application guidelines.
  • A list of the project’s staff posts and associated information, eg the prospective employer, salary band, part/ full time %, start date, employment duration, and name of existing Trust staff. Finance will provide the salary costing based on the information that you provide.
  • Itemisation of other project costs, eg recruitment, office expenses, consumables, drugs and medical tests, equipment and travel. Finance will review the reasonableness of these costs and may ask for supporting information.
  • A breakdown of the project into research costs, NHS support costs, and NHS treatment costs, as defined by the Department of Health, Attributing revenue costs of externally-funded non-commercial research in the NHS (ARCO). 

Once the R&D finance team has finalised the costing, you should send all application documents to our R&D governance team, who will arrange for directorate approval and official Guy's and St Thomas' signatures.

If your application is successful, you will need to register the study with our R&D governance team.