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Urgent care centre

Treating patients with less serious injuries 


The urgent care centre at Guy's Hospital offers an alternative to accident and emergency (A&E) for a range of minor injuries and urgent medical problems.

It is a walk in NHS service for patients whose condition is urgent enough that they cannot wait for the next GP appointment (usually within 48 hours) but who do not need emergency treatment at A&E. It is run by GP working alongside emergency nurse practitioners and has x-ray facilities.

The unit will usually treat patients with less serious injuries more quickly than the A&E department.

We treat minor injuries and illnesses 

These include:

    • broken bones
    • bites
    • burns and scalds
    • infections
    • minor illnesses in children and adults including fever, infections and rashes
    • sprains
    • wounds.

When you arrive

The receptionist will ask for your name, address, date of birth, contact telephone number and details of your GP or next of kin. We need this information so we can produce a treatment card for you. All the information that you give us is confidential.

  • Waiting times

    You will usually be seen more quickly in this unit rather than in A&E. How long you wait to be seen depends on:

    • the seriousness of your condition
    • how many patients with more serious or urgent needs arrive in the unit while you are waiting.
  • Your behaviour in the unit

    Our staff should be able to carry out their work without fearing for their safety. We do not tolerate threatening or aggressive behaviour towards staff. Anyone who behaves in this way or who damages hospital property will be asked to leave by our security staff.

    If appropriate, we will take legal action and press for the maximum penalty.

When you are seen

When you arrive, you will be assessed immediately by a senior nurse or doctor and you may be referred on for more appropriate treatement. This could be A&E if you are seriously ill, or it may be to your GP or pharmacist if you do not need to be treated at the urgent care centre.

Leaving the hospital

When you are ready to leave the unit, you may be given a letter to give to your GP with information about your injury. This helps him/her give you a better service.

We are unable to provide transport home for most patients. Guy's hospital is well served by public transport - see our travelling to Guy's| page.