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INPUT pain management unit

Helping patients to cope with chronic pain

INPUT is a pain management centre at St Thomas' where patients from all over the country come to learn better ways of coping with their pain.

The centre offers residential pain management programmes|, which run throughout the year for up to 10 patients at a time. The aim of these programmes is to:

  • reduce the emotional impact of pain
  • improve patients' mobility
  • educate and help patients reduce their use of medicines
  • help patients learn self-management skills so they don't need to use health services as often.

The programme does not aim to cure or reduce pain, but to help patients return to a better quality of life despite the pain. 

Before joining the programme, patients are assessed in clinic by a doctor and psychologist. We also hold a clinic to assess patients' suitability for our residential pre-neuromodulation programme.

The unit was opened in 1989 and has an ongoing research programme|.