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Medical toxicology information service

24 hour telephone service


  • Address

    Mary Sheridan House
    15 St Thomas Street
    London SE1 9RY

  • Tel: 020 7188 0600
    Fax: 020 7188 0800
    Website: www.medtox.co.uk

Medical Toxicology Information Services (MTIS) provide 24 hour telephone information services to a wide variety of organisations. It consists of 3 services:

  • Emergency scientific & medical services (eSMS)
  • Chinese medicine advisory service (ChiMAS)
  • Veterinary poisons information service (VPIS)

Poisons advice

Please note this department does not provide poisons information services to the NHS.

  • If you are a member of the public and have any enquiries concerning poisoning or overdose, contact NHS Direct on 0845 46 47.
  • If you are a healthcare professional and need emergency advice, please access TOXBASE or contact the National Poisons Information Service using the telephone number listed on TOXBASE and in the BNF.

Also, please note that this department does not see patients. Patients may be referred to the clinical toxicology service|, which is not part of MTIS.

Emergency scientific & medical services (eSMS)

The Trust contracts with both private sector and NHS organisations to provide a permanently staffed 24/7 emergency telephone response service. Clients include most of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and some highly respected academic institutions. The services provided include:

  • clinical trials emergency unblinding
  • medical information for marketed products
  • emergency medical response
  • adverse event management and reporting

Tel (24 hour): 020 7188 0300

Tel (admin): 020 7188 0600

Fax: 020 7188 0700

Email: esms@gstt.nhs.uk|

Website: www.medtox.co.uk|   

Chinese medicine advisory service (ChiMAS)

This service provides use and safety information on Chinese and other traditional herbal medicine to health professionals. 

  • advice on safety and interactions
  • investigation of suspected adverse effects
  • identification of herbal material as prescribed for use in herbal prescriptions
  • consultancy and research

Tel: 020 7188 0199

Fax: 020 7188 0800

Email: chimas@gstt.nhs.uk|

Website: www.chimas.org|    

Veterinary poisons information service (VPIS)

This is a subscription service which delivers information and specialist advice by telephone 24/7 to veterinary professionals on the treatment of poisoned animals.

Tel (24 hour): 020 7188 0200

Tel (admin): 020 7188 0600

Fax: 020 7188 0700

E-mail: vpis@gstt.nhs.uk|

Website: www.vpisuk.co.uk|