Urology consultants and other medical staff



Your consultant is responsible for managing your care and is assisted by a team of doctors and specialist nurses. Consultants usually specialise and may become highly skilled in one or two specific areas of surgery.

Other medical staff

  • Registrars (speciality trainees)

    • Miss Kathie Wong

    • Mr Kamran Ahmed

    • Miss Mo Sahu

    • Mr Rob Gray

    • Mr Luke Stroman

    • Mr Nick Faure Walker

    • Mr Ben Namdarian

    • Mr Yaman Atal

  • Research fellows

    We have a number of trust doctors/research fellows who are working on a number of clinical research projects within the department.

We have a team of foundation year doctors and surgical training (ST) doctors who look after inpatients on Aston Key and Florence Wards at Guy's. They also run the pre-admission clinics along with the nursing staff to assess patients for elective procedures.