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About research and development

What is research and why is it important?

Without medical research there would be no new medicines or tests, improved treatments, or better ways of providing healthcare. Sometimes research takes place in the laboratory and sometimes we need you to get involved.

The of research is to:

  • develop new treatments and medicines
  • prevent illnesses
  • improve quality of life
  • improve our understanding of medical conditions
  • understand the emotional and physical support you need if you're living with a medical condition.

Research at Guy's and St Thomas'

As two of London’s oldest hospitals, we have a long history of research to benefit patient care.  

We are well placed to do a wide variety of health research because:

  • we're one of the largest NHS trusts in England 
  • our patients come from one of the UK’s most diverse and multicultural populations.

Many health studies need large numbers of patients and the public to participate. Some studies need to include a cross section of gender, ages, ethnicity and background (eg obesity studies), whilst others need to focus on a particular group (eg older women for menopause studies).

The development of food allergy in children, how to make kidney transplants last longer, how to reduce the chance of miscarriage, and how to diagnose skin cancer earlier, are just a few of the areas we are investigating.

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We work with many other health and research organisations.

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Take part

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