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Our partners

We work in partnerships with health and care organisations across London, the south east, and the UK to deliver better care to patients.

Integrated Care Systems

Integrated Care Systems (ICS) bring together local health and care organisations and local councils. They work together to plan and coordinate services for their area, improve the health of the local population and reduces inequalities between different groups.

We work within both Our Healthier South East London and the North West London Integrated Care System.

Community services

We provide community services within Lambeth and Southwark and are members of Lambeth Together and Partnership Southwark working with GPs, the local councils and community groups to join our services together and support our communities’ health and care needs.

We also share learning and collaborate with other community services providers in south east London including:

Acute Provider Collaborative

Our Acute Provider Collaborative (APC), in partnership with King's College Hospital and Lewisham and Greenwich Trust, works to co-ordinate and deliver a number of services across south east London. We're particularly focused on:

  • diagnostic services, including imaging and endoscopy
  • orthopaedics
  • urology
  • ophthalmology

Cancer Alliances

We're the largest provider of cancer care in London.

We host the South East London Cancer Alliance working to deliver high quality cancer services across community, primary and secondary care.

Our Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals are members of the Royal Marsden Partners West London Cancer Alliance. They are particularly focused on screening and early diagnosis of lung cancer.

Clinical networks

We're part of, and host, a number of clinical networks across south London and beyond.

In particular, we provide specialist children's services for south east London and Kent, offering both children's and neonatal retrieval services across south London.

We're also the kidney (renal) transplant centre for south east London, lead the south London cardiovascular network and the accountable care cancer network for south east London.

We provide a wide range of specialist services for patients from across southern England, and many national specialist services, funded by NHS England.

In Lambeth, Southwark, Kensington and Chelsea and Hillingdon we work with local Healthwatch and Oversight and Scrutiny teams, supporting health, wellbeing and local employment, as well as green sustainability and plans to attract inward investment.

Emergency preparedness

The Civil Contingencies Act (2004) requires us to show that we can deal with incidents such as extreme weather conditions or a major transport accident while maintaining core services. This work is called Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR).

We work closely with other hospitals and emergency services in planning for and managing these incidents. We have a dedicated resilience management team but every member of staff plays a vital role in making sure we maintain a professional response in any situation.

Contact us

Jon Findlay, Chief Operating Officer and accountable emergency officer
Email: [email protected]

Resilience team
Email: [email protected]

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