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Faisal Ali

Consultant dermatologist

Faisal Ali specialises in dermatologic surgery, laser surgery and skin cancer.

Amir A Darakhshan

Consultant colorectal and general surgeon

Amir Darakhshan specialises in the management of inflammatory bowel disease, pelvic floor disorders and hernia repair with an expertise in laparoscopic surgery

Wedad Abdelrahman

Consultant dermatologist

Wedad Abdelrahman specialises in children's and medical dermatology

Adesoji Abiona

Consultant paediatrician

Adesoji Abiona is skilled in developmental paediatrics and neurodisability, and has a keen interest in paediatric genetics

Said Abisi

Consultant vascular and endovascular surgeon

Said Abisi specialises in vascular and endovascular surgery

Yasmin Abu Ghanem

Consultant urological surgeon

Yasmin Abu Ghanem has a sub-special interest in uro-oncology with a particular focus in kidney, testis and urothelial cancers

Katie Adams

Colorectal surgeon and clinical lead for gastrointestintal surgery

Katie Adams specialises in colorectal and gastrointestintal surgery

Shazia Afridi

Consultant neurologist

Shazia Afridi has a specialist interest in headache disorders and neurofibromatosis type 2.

Ajay Aggarwal

Consultant clinical oncologist

Ajay Aggarwal is a consultant clinical oncologist at Guy’s Cancer Centre, specialising in the delivery of radiation and systemic therapies for prostate cancer.

Elaine Agius

Consultant dermatologist

Elaine Agius specialises in atopic eczema, psoriasis and complex medical dermatology.

Imran Ahmad

Consultant anaesthetist

Imran Ahmad is the clinical lead for Guys Hospital and has a specialist interest in airway management

Shahreen Ahmad

Consultant clinical oncologist

Dr Ahmad treats solid tumours using chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and biological therapies

Farooq Ahmed

Consultant orthodontist

Farooq Ahmed has a special interest in orthodontics

Irfan Ahmed

Consultant interventional radiologist

Irfan Ahmed has expertise in interventional and diagnostic radiology

Adil Ajuied

Consultant orthopaedic knee surgeon

Adil Ajuied has a specialist interest in knee surgery

Adnan Al-Kaisy

Clinical lead of the pain management and neuromodulation centre

Adnan Al-Kaisy has a specialist interest in pain management and neuromodulation

Omar Al-Salihi

Clinical oncology consultant

Omar Al-Salihi has a special interest in neuro oncology, skull base and pituitary tumours

Rui Albuquerque

Consultant in oral medicine; Honorary clinical senior lecturer

Rui Albuquerque has expertise in oral medicine

Mustansir Alibhai

Consultant oral and maxillofacial head and neck surgeon

Mustansir Alibhai has an expertise in oral and maxillofacial surgery

Wisam Alwan

Consultant dermatologist

Wisam Alwan specialises in children's dermatology, hidradenitis suppurativa, cutaneous infection, general adult dermatology and skin cancer.

Rakesh Anand

Consultant dermatologist and dermatological surgeon

Rakesh Anand specialises in the diagnosis and management of skin cancer and skin surgery

Simon Anderson

Consultant gastroenterologist and honorary lecturer

Simon Anderson specialises in inflammatory bowel disease and diagnostic and therapeutic gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

Thomasin Andrews

Consultant neurologist

Thomasin Andrews has a specialist interest in neurology and movement disorders

Carole Ann Boyle

Consultant in special care dentistry

Carole has a special interest in oral surgery and special care dentistry

Clive Archer

Consultant dermatologist and honorary professor

Clive Archer has expertise in dermatology

Leanne Ashrafian

Consultant thoracic surgeon

Leanne Ashrafian has a special interest in minimal access and robotic thoracic surgery

Simon Atkinson

Consultant surgeon

Simon Atkinson has a special interest in upper gastrointestinal and pancreatic surgery

Natalie Attard

Consultant dermatologist

Natalie Attard specialises in skin cancer.

Conal Austin

Adult and paediatric cardiothoracic surgeon

Conal Austin specialises in adult cardiothoracic surgery and children's cardiothoracic surgery.

Elodie Azan

Consultant ophthalmologist

Elodie Azan specialises in ophthalmic surgery.

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Jack Mann

Consultant dermatologist

Jack Mann specialises in skin cancer, skin surgery and Mohs surgery.

Alastair MacKenzie Ross

Consultant plastic surgeon

Alastair MacKenzie Ross specialises in skin cancer and reconstruction.

Bella Madan

Consultant haematologist

Bella Madan specialises in haemophilia and inherited bleeding disorders, women's bleeding disorders and acquired bleeding disorders.

Ula Mahadeva

Consultant histopathologist

Ula Mahadeva specialises in gastrointestinal and infectious disease histopathology.

Satveer Mahil

Consultant dermatologist

Satveer Mahil specialises in inflammatory skin diseases including psoriasis and eczema.

Omar Mahroo

Consultant ophthalmologist

Omar Mahroo specialises in retinal disease.

Dev Mahtani

Consultant anaesthetist

Dev Mahtani specialises in heart and children's health.

Nick Maisey

Consultant medical oncologist

Nick Maisey specialises in gastrointestinal tumours.

Gregory Makris

Consultant vascular and interventional radiologist

Gregory Makris specialises in peripheral arterial and venous disease, women's health, men's health and global health.

Zainab Malaki

Consultant in periodontology

Zainab Malaki specialises in periodontology.

Sachin Malde

Consultant urological surgeon

Sachin Malde specialises in bladder cancer, urinary incontinence and reconstructive surgery.

Arfan Malhi

Consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon

Arfan Malhi specialises in hip and knee replacement.

Claire Mallinson

Consultant anaesthetist

Claire Mallinson specialises in spinal correction surgery.

Raj Mallipeddi

Consultant dermatological surgeon

Raj Mallipeddi specialises in skin cancer, Mohs micrographic surgery, laser surgery and photodynamic therapy.

Samantha Mann

Consultant ophthalmologist

Samantha Mann specialises in medical retinal conditions, diabetes and diabetic retinopathy, retinal vascular disorders and genetic eye disease.

Janine Mansi

Consultant medical oncologist

Janine Mansi specialises in breast cancer.

Hannah Maple

Consultant transplant and dialysis access surgeon

Hannah Maple specialises in kidney transplants.

Michael Marber

Professor of cardiology and  honorary consultant cardiologist

Michael Marber specialises in treating advanced ischaemic heart disease and understanding how the heart responds to a reduced blood supply

Phil Marino

Consultant in weaning, home ventilation and critical care

Phil Marino specialises in pulmonary hypertension, right ventricular failure, respiratory failure and weaning from mechanical ventilation.

Andreas Marnerides

Consultant perinatal and children's pathologist

Andreas Marnerides is a consultant perinatal and children's pathologist.

Fionna Martin

Consultant physician and geriatrician

Fionna Martin specialises in bone health and perioperative medicine for older people.

Joel Mawdsley

Consultant gastroenterologist

Joel Mawdsley specialises in luminal gastroenterology, endoscopy and inflammatory bowel disease.

Louis McArdle

Consultant oral surgeon

Louis McArdle specialises in third molar surgery.

Fraser McDonald

Professor and honorary consultant in orthodontics

Fraser McDonald specialises in orthodontics.

Sarah McDonald

Consultant anaesthetist

Sarah McDonald specialises in obstetric anaesthesia and kidney anaesthesia.

Helen McEvoy

Consultant plastic surgeon

Helen McEvoy specialises in breast surgery, body contouring and skin conditions.

Laura-Ann McGill

Consultant cardiologist

Laura-Ann McGill specialises in heart failure, cardiorenal syndrome, cardiovascular MRI and cardiovascular CT

Barbara McGowan

Consultant in diabetes and endocrinology

Barbara McGowan specialises in diabetes, endocrinology and obesity

Emma Mclean

Consultant histopathologist

Emma Mclean specialises in lung histopathology and cytopathology

Donal McLornan

Consultant haematologist

Donal McLornan's specialises in bone marrow transplantation, and leukaemia

Jess McMicking

Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist

Jess McMicking specialises in complex obstetric surgery, benign gynaecology, and caring for women during pregnancy with inflammatory bowel disease and diabetes

Gautam Mehra

Consultant gynaecological oncologist

Gautam Mehra specialises in gynaecological cancers

Jemima Mellerio

Consultant dermatologist

Jemima Mellerio specialises in children's dermatology and genetic skin disease.

Padma Menon

Consultant pathologist

Padma Menon specialises in breast, gynaecological pathology and cytopathology.

Elsie Mensah

Consultant urological surgeon

Elsie Mensah specialises in superficial bladder cancer, and cancer diagnostics

Johan Meurling

Consultant sleep and respiratory physician

Johan Meurling specialises in sleep disorders

George Mikhaeel

Consultant clinical oncologist

George Mikhaeel specialises in lymphomas, and colorectal cancer

Donald Miller

Consultant anaesthetist and honorary senior lecturer

Donald Miller specialises in respiratory and airway management

Britta Millhoff

Consultant anaesthetist

Britta Millhoff specialises in anaesthesia with an interest in difficult airway management

Bijan Modarai

Professor of vascular surgery

Bijan Modarai specialises in vascular and endovascular surgery

Moin Mohamed

Consultant ophthalmic (eye) surgeon

Moin Mohamed specialises in medical retinal disease, retinal laser therapy, intra-vitreal injection therapy, and cataract surgery

Shehla Mohammed

Consultant clinical geneticist, honorary senior lecturer at King's College London

Shehla Mohammed specialises in paediatric dysmorphology, and DNA repair disorders

Pari-Naz Mohanna

Consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Pari-Naz Mohanna specialises in breast, gynaecological, colorectal, and abdominal wall reconstructions

Suzie Moore

Consultant in restorative dentistry

Suzie Moore specialises in restorative dentistry, periodontology, and implant dentistry

Lucy Moorhead

Nurse consultant in inflammatory skin disease

Lucy Moorhead specialises in inflammatory skin disease

Susie Morley

Consultant ophthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon

Susie Morley specialises in oculoplastic, lacrimal and orbital surgery, periocular tumour management, and xeroderma pigmentosum

Rachael Morris-Jones

Consultant dermatologist

Rachael Morris-Jones specialises in adult and paediatric dermatology

Danny Morrison

Consultant ophthalmic (eye) surgeon

Danny Morrison specialises in children's eye surgery, and ophthalmic plastic surgery

Vicki Moxham

Consultant nephrologist

Vicki Moxham specialises in renal medicine

Vinod Mullassery

Consultant clinical oncologist

Vinod Mullassery specialises in prostate cancer, breast cancer, radiotherapy, and brachytherapy

Louisa Murdin

Consultant in audiovestibular medicine

Louisa Murdin specialises in audiovestibular medicine, vertigo, imbalance, and dizziness

Patrick Murphy

Clinical lead lane fox service

Patrick Murphy specialises in chronic respiratory failure, non-invasive ventilation, and sleep disordered breathing

Rexford Muza

Consultant sleep and general medicine physician

Rexford Muza specialises in sleep disorders, respiratory medicine, general internal medicine

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Thomas Tull

Consultant dermatologist

Thomas Tull specialises in autoimmune bullous skin disease and connective tissue diseases.

Helen Tatham

Consultant in children's dentistry

Helen Tatham specialises in dental treatment for children who have anxiety, special needs, complex medical history, and dental trauma.

Claire Taylor

Consultant urological surgeon and clinical service lead

Claire Taylor specialises in bladder dysfunction.

Marius Terblanche

Consultant in critical care medicine

Marius Terblanche specialises in critical care medicine and epidemiology medicine.

Bernd Thiessen

Consultant anaesthetist

Bernd Thiessen specialises in children's, regional and heart anaesthesia.

Kiruthikah Thillai

Consultant in medical oncology

Kiruthikah Thillai specialises in pancreatic cancer

Kay Thomas

Consultant urological surgeon and deputy medical director

Kay Thomas specialises in endourology and stone disease

Ramesh Thurairaja

Consultant urological surgeon

Ramesh Thurairaja specialises in bladder cancer and reconstruction robotic surgery.

Stephen Till

Consultant allergist and professor of allergy

Stephen Till specialises in food allergy in adults and the role of allergy in adult eczema.

Ivan Tomasi

Emergency general surgery consultant

Ivan Tomasi specialises in abdominal-inguinal hernia repair, proctology, benign gastrointestinal diseases, and lumps and bumps

Charlotte Tomlinson

Consultant general genetic counsellor and clinical genetics PGT-M/SR lead

Charlotte Tomlinson specialises prenatal genetics and pre-implantation genetic testing.

Ishpinder Toor

Consultant in restorative dentistry

Ishpinder Toor specialises in head and neck cancer and dental anomalies.

William Townley

Consultant plastic surgeon

William Townley specialises in reconstructive surgery and corrective surgery for facial palsy.

Stephen Tricklebank

Consultant in critical care, anaesthesia and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)

Stephen Tricklebank specialises in airway management.

Vishakha Tripathi

Consultant genetic counsellor in cancer genetics

Vishakha Tripathi specialises in hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

Giovanni Tritto

Consultant gastroenterologist and hepatologist

Giovanni Tritto specialises in liver disease and hepatitis B and C.

Mark Turner

Clinical psychologist in dermatology

Mark Turner specialises in cognitive behavioural therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy.

Andrew Tutt

Honorary consultant clinical oncologist

Andrew Tutt specialises in breast cancer

Charles Twort

Consultant physician

Charles Twort specialises in general and respiratory medicine.

Mark Tyrrell

Consultant vascular surgeon

Mark Tyrrell is a consultant vascular surgeon at Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.

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Craig Bailey

Consultant anaesthetist

Craig Bailey has expertise in anaesthesia.

Charles Bain

Consultant plastic surgeon

Charles Bain has a special interest in hand and wrist, general plastic, and aesthetic plastic surgery.

Spyros Bakalis

Consultant in obstetrics and fetal medicine

Spyros Bakalis has a specialist interest in high risk obstetrics and fetal medicine.

David Baldwin

Locum consultant children's dental surgeon

David Baldwin specialises in hard and soft tissue dento-alveolar surgery, conscious sedation for dentistry and management of dental traumatic injuries

Anita Banerjee

Obstetric physician

Anita Banerjee has a special interest in obstetric medicine-complex medical conditions in pregnancy, diabetes and pregnancy, endocrinology and pregnancy, acute kidney injury and pregnancy, high risk pregnancies

Avijit Banerjee

Honorary consultant and clinical lead for restorative dentistry

Avijit Banerjee has a special interest in caries management, prosthodontic rehabilitation, and dry mouth

Jonathan Barker

Professor of medical dermatology

Jonathan Barker has a special interest in Psoriasis, and acute and medical dermatology

Richard Barlow

Consultant dermatologist

Richard Barlow specialises in Mohs micrographic surgery.

Nicholas Barnett

Consultant in transplantation and vascular access surgery

Nicholas Barnett specialises in renal and pancreas transplantation, and access for dialysis.

Nicholas Barrett

Consultant in critical care and clinical lead for critical care

Nicholas Barrett specialises in severe cardiorespiratory failure, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal (ECCO2R).

Sally Barrington

Honorary consultant in nuclear medicine and research professor

Sally Barrington specialises in PET imaging

Rachel Bastiaenen

Consultant cardiologist and honorary senior lecturer

Rachel Bastiaenen has expertise in cardiology.

Craig Batista

Consultant respiratory physician

Craig Batista specialises in respiratory medicine, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and general medicine.

Richard Beale

Professor of intensive care medicine and consultant

Richard Beale has expertise in acute lung injury, severe sepsis, critical care informatics and nutrition in the critically ill

Nigel Beckett

Consultant physician in geriatric and general internal medicine

Nigel Beckett specialises in geriatric and general internal medicine

Jonathan Behar

Consultant cardiologist and electrophysiologist

Jonathan Behar specialises in cardiology, heart failure, and digital innovation

Kiran Beneng

Oral surgery consultant

Kiran Beneng specialises in salivary gland surgery

Philip Berry

Consultant gastroenterologist and hepatologist

Philip Berry specialises in cirrhosis, liver cancer, treatment of jaundice caused by gall stones

Teresa Beynon

Palliative medicine consultant

Teresa Beynon specialises in palliative medicine

Ajay Bhalla

Consultant physician in stroke, elderly care and general medicine

Ajay Bhalla has a specialist interest in stroke care

Lukla Biasi

Consultant vascular surgeon

Lukla Biasi specialises in specialty of lower limb revascularisation

Andrea Bille

Consultant thoracic surgeon

Andrea Bille specialises in adult thoracic surgery

Jonathan Birns

Consultant in stroke, elderly care and general medicine

Jonathan Birns has expertise in stroke, elderly care and general medicine

Dirk Bister

Professor of orthodontics, King's College London and consultant in orthodontics

Dirk Bister has a special interest in hypodontia, and cortical anchorage for orthodontics (mini-implants)

Stephen Black

Consultant vascular surgeon

Stephen Black specialises in the treatment of venous disease

Christopher Blauth

Consultant cardiac surgeon

Christopher Blauth has expertise in cardiac surgery

Abrie Botha

Consultant general and upper gastrointestinal surgeon

Abrie Botha specialises in minimally invasive oesphago-gastric surgery and abdominal wall hernias and reconstruction.

Anna Brackenridge

Consultant in diabetes

Anna Brackenridge specialises in diabetes and endocrinology.

Jessica Brady

Consultant clinical oncologist

Jessica Brady specialises in haematological malignancies and colorectal cancer

Tas Braithwaite

Consultant ophthalmologist

Tas Braithwaite specialises in uveitis and neuro-ophthalmology

Katherine Brand

Consultant anaesthetist

Katherine Brand specialises in paediatric anaesthesia

Lucy Brazil

Consultant clinical oncologist

Lucy Brazil specialises in neuro-oncology and breast cancer

Cormac Breen

Consultant nephrologist

Cormac Breen has a specialist interest in haemodialysis and renal anaemia

Karen Breen

Consultant haematologist with a specialist interest in thrombosis

Karen Breen has a specialist interest in thrombosis

Christian Brown

Consultant urological surgeon

Christian Brown has expertise in urology surgery.

Heather Brown

Consultant nephrologist

Heather Brown has special interest in glomerular diseases, renal palliative care, haemodialysis

Jackie Brown

Consultant in dental and maxillofacial radiology

Jackie Brown has a special interest in dental cone-beam computed tomography, salivary gland imaging and intervention

Deborah Bruce

Consultant gynaecologist

Deborah Bruce has expertise in gynaecology

Matthew Bultitude

Consultant urological surgeon and clinical director (TRU)

Matthew Bultitude has special interest in general urology, stone disease, cystinuria

Mary Burke

Consultant in special care dentistry

Mary Burke has a special interest in special care dentistry, and dentistry for people with cancer

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Francis Calder

Consultant surgeon

Francis Calder specialises in transplantation

Chris Callaghan

Lead clinician for pancreatic transplantation

Chris Callaghan specialises in transplantation and vascular access

Luigi Camporota

Consultant and professor of intensive care medicine

Luigi Camporota specialises in severe respiratory failure and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)

Irene Carey

Consultant in palliative medicine

Irene Carey specialises in renal palliative care

Lalani Carlton Jones

Consultant neuroradiologist

Lalani Carlton Jones specialises in neuroradiology

Robert Carr

Consultant haematologist and clinical lead for young adult cancer

Robert Carr specialises in acute myeloid leukaemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL)

Gerald Carr-White

Clinical lead for cardiology, heart failure and inherited cardiac diseases

Gerald Carr-White specialises in cardiology

Fiona Castell

Consultant clinical oncologist

Fiona Castell specialises in breast cancer, acute oncology, metastatic spinal cord compression, health care ethics and law

Paul Cathcart

Consultant urological surgeon

Paul Cathcart specialises in prostate cancer, and general urology

Ben Challacombe

Consultant urological surgeon

Ben Challacombe specialises in robotic and laparoscopic urology

Christos Chamos

Consultant anaesthetist

Christos Chamos has a special interest in adult cardiac anaesthesia, perioperative transoesophageal echocardiography, and thoracic anaesthesia

Satinder Chander

Consultant in restorative dentistry

Satinder Chander specialises in restorative dentistry

Ash Chandra

Consultant histopathologist/cytopathologist

Ashish Chandra specialises in fine needle aspiration, and urological cancers

Sujay Chandran

Consultant interventional cardiologist

Sujay Chandran is a consultant interventional cardiologist at Guy's and St Thomas' and Kingston Hospitals NHS Foundation Trusts.

Fuju Chang

Consultant histopathologist

Fuju Chang specialises in gastrointestinal disorders, and oesophageal cancer

Lucy Chappell

Consultant obstetrician and NIHR research professor in obstetrics

Lucy Chappell specialises in maternal medicine

Jun Cheong

Honorary Consultant Cardiologist

Jun Cheong specialises in non-invasive cardiac imaging

Billy Cheung

Consultant in acute and general medicine

Billy Cheung specialises in serious short-term illnesses and ambulatory medical care.

Elfy Chevretton

Consultant ENT surgeon

Elfy Chevretton specialises in rhinology, and voice services

Kazumi Chia

Consultant clinical oncologist

Kazumi Chia specialises in the treatment of central nervous system tumours.

Fiona Child

Consultant dermatologist

Fiona Child specialises in cutaneous lymphoma, and chronic graft versus host disease

Lucy Childs

Consultant neuroradiologist

Lucy Childs specialises in neuroradiology

Daniella Chilton

Consultant in HIV medicine and genitourinary medicine

Daniella Chilton specialises in HIV and genitourinary medicine

Paramit Chowdhury

Consultant nephrologist

Paramit Chowdhury specialises in transplantation, haemodialysis, transitional care and pre-pregnancy counselling

Natali Chung

Consultant cardiologist

Natali Chung specialises in adult congenital heart disease

Brian Clapp

Consultant cardiologist

Dr Clapp is a consultant cardiologist at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.

Sonji Clarke

Consultant obstetrician and deputy head, London School of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Sonji Clarke specialises in pregnancy with complex social factors, and epilepsy

Martyn Cobourne

Professor and honorary consultant in orthodontics

Martyn Cobourne specialises in orthodontics

Lisette Collins

Consultant in oral and maxillofacial/head and neck pathology

Lisette Collins specialises in head and neck pathology

Steve Connor

Consultant head and neck radiologist

Steve Connor specialises in head and neck radiology

Richard Cook

Honorary oral medicine consultant and professor of diagnostic technologies

Richard Cook specialises in oral medicine

Andrew Cope

Consultant rheumatologist

Andrew Cope specialises in rheumatology

Andrew Coutinho

Consultant nephrologist

Andrew Coutinho specialises in nephrology

James Coutts

Consultant cardiologist

James Coutts specialises in cardiology

Trevor Coward

Professor and consultant in maxillofacial and craniofacial rehabilitation

Trevor Coward specialises in face and body prosthetics

David Craig

Consultant and head of sedation and special care dentistry

David Craig specialises in sedation and special care dentistry

Emma Craythorne

Consultant dermatologist and dermatological surgeon

Emma Craythorne specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers, treatment of severe scarring and laser surgery

Antonia Cronin

Consultant nephrologist

Antonia Cronin specialises in kidney transplantation, kidney palliative care, organ donation, and transplantation ethics and law

Giuseppe Culora

Consultant histopathologist

Giuseppe Culora specialises in gynaecological histopathology

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Rebecca D'Cruz

Consultant in respiratory and ventilation medicine

Rebecca D'Cruz specialises in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), home ventilation and high-flow therapy.

Andrew D'Silva

Consultant cardiologist and honorary senior clinical lecturer

Andrew D'Silva specialises in heart failure, inherited cardiac conditions, heart muscle diseases, advanced heart failure therapies, cardiovascular imaging, sports cardiology, general medicine and medical education

David Daniels

Consultant anaesthetist

David Daniels specialises in anaesthesia for spinal surgery

Paul Dargan

Professor of clinical toxicology and consultant physician

Paul Dargan specialises in clinical toxicology, recreational drugs, new psychoactive substances, and lead poisoning

Robin Dart

Consultant gastroenterologist

Robin Dart specialises in inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn's disease.

Prokar Dasgupta

Professor of surgery and honorary consultant urological surgeon

Prokar Dasgupta specialises in minimally invasive surgery and robotics.

Vivek Datta

Consultant colorectal and general surgeon

Vivek Datta specialises in enhanced recovery, intestinal failure and surgical education

Jerome Davidson

Consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon

Jerome Davidson specialises in hip surgery, and trauma surgery

Andrew Davies

Consultant oesophagogastric and general surgeon

Andrew Davies specialises in minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgery for oesophagogastric cancer

Nigel Davies

Consultant ophthalmologist

Nigel Davies specialises in medical retina

Irene De Francesco

Consultant clinical oncologist

Irene De Francesco specialises in clinical oncology

Sabina De Martino

Consultant gastroenterologist

Sabina De Martino specialises in endoscopy.

Julien de Naurois

Consultant medical oncologist

Julien de Naurois specialises in colorectal cancer and acute oncology

Annemiek De Ruiter

Consultant physician

Annemiek de Ruiter specialises in HIV in women and in pregnancy.

Kalpa De Silva

Consultant interventional cardiologist

Kalpa De Silva specialises in coronary artery disease and chest pain.

Samantha De Silva

Perioperative medicine for older people consultant

Samantha de Silva specialises in medicine for older people

Michelle De Souza

Consultant in paediatric dentistry

Michelle de Souza specialises in paediatric dentistry

Harriet Deere

Consultant histopathologist

Harriet Deere specialises in Oesophagogastric cancer

Shumontha Dev

Consultant in emergency medicine

Shumontha Dev specialises in medical education, trauma and simulation

Jugdeep Dhesi

Consultant in geriatric and general internal medicine

Jugdeep Dhesis specialises in perioperative medicine for patients at high risk, frailty, delirium and hospital acquired deconditioning, research, and education and training

Michael Dialynas

Consultant vascular surgeon

Michael Dialynas specialises in complex aortic intervention, leg revascularisation and endovenous ablation of varicose veins

Athanasios Diamantopoulos

Consultant interventional radiologist

Athanasios Diamantopoulos specialises in vascular and non-vascular interventional radiology, endovascular treatment of below the knee obstructive arterial disease, and children's interventional radiology

Cristina Dias

Consultant clinical geneticists

Cristina Dias specialises in intellectual development disorders, inherited diseases of epigenetic regulation, and Aicardi syndrome

Chris Dickinson

Consultant special care dentistry

Chris Dickinson specialises in special care dentistry

Peter Diem

Consultant physician in geriatric and general internal medicine

Peter Diem specialises in geriatric and general internal medicine

Richard Dillon

Consultant haematologist and clinical senior lecturer

Richard Dillon specialises in haematology

Asmat Din

Consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Asmat Din specialises in limb reconstruction following trauma, as well as cancer reconstruction

Kyra Dingli

Consultant in critical care medicine

Kyra Dingli specialises in severe respiratory failure in the critically ill, weaning, and delirium

Saoirse Dolly

Consultant medical oncologist and rapid diagnostic clinical lead

Saoirse Dolly specialises in rapid diagnostics and the treatment of liver, pancreas, biliary tree and neuroendocrine malignancies

Tommaso Donati

Vascular consultant

Tommaso Donati specialises in vascular and endovascular surgery

Anthony Dorling

Professor of transplant inflammation and repair

Anthony Dorling specialises in optimising transplant survival, chronic rejection of kidney allografts, and antibody-incompatible renal transplantation

Sam Douthwaite

Consultant in infectious diseases

Sam Douthwaite specialises in HIV, viral hepatitis, and infectious diseases

Andrew Doyle

Consultant haematologist

Andrew Doyle specialises in diagnosing and treating thrombotic conditions.

Martin Drage

Consultant transplant surgeon

Martin Drage specialises in transplantation

Panagis Drakatos

Consultant in sleep and respiratory medicine

Panagis Drakatos specialises in sleep and respiratory medicine

Jason Dunn

Consultant gastroenterologist

Jason Dunn specialises in Barrett's oesophagus and upper gastrointestinal cancer.

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Peter Earnshaw

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon and the clinical director of surgery

Peter Earnshaw specialises in trauma and orthopaedics including for knees

Husam Ebied

Consultant upper gastrointestinal, general and emergency surgeon

Husam Ebied specialises in complex abdominal wall reconstruction

Jonathan Edgeworth

Consultant microbiologist

Jonathan Edgeworth specialises in clinical microbiology

Kariem El-Boghdadly

Consultant anaesthetist

Kariem El-Boghdadly specialises in anaesthesia

Tarek El-Toukhy

Consultant gynaecologist

Tarek El-Toukhy specialises in reproductive medicine and surgery, and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)

Ahmed Elowaidy

Consultant radiologist

Ahmed Elowaidy specialises in abdominal/GI, gynaecology, neuroimaging, general cross sectional and oncology imaging

Yaso Emmanuel

Consultant cardiologist

Yaso Emmanuel specialises in adult congenital heart disease, aortopathy, and cardiac MRI

Deborah Enting

Consultant medical oncologist

Deborah Enting specialises in the treatment of urological cancers

Thomas Ernst

Consultant in geriatric and general internal medicine

Thomas Ernst specialises in assessment and treatment of dizzy spells, blackouts and related falls in all ages, and geriatric medicine

Michael Escudier

Service lead for consultant and postgraduate restorative services

Michael Escudier specialises in oral medicine

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Barry F A Quinn

Integrated clinical care

Barry F A Quinn specialises in restorative dentistry

Bahram Fakouri

Lead clinician for adult spinal surgery

Bahram Fakouri specialises in cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine

Kathleen Fan

Consultant in oral and maxillofacial surgery

Kathleen Fan specialises in oral and maxillofacial surgery

Jian Farhadi

Consultant plastic surgeon and lead clinician

Jian Farhadi specialises in plastic surgery

Hiva Fassihi

Consultant dermatologist and service lead for the national XP service

Hiva Fassihi specialises in genetic skin disorders, paediatric dermatology, and photodermatology

Robert Feneck

Consultant anaesthetist

Robert Feneck specialises in cardiothoracic anaesthesia, critical care, and perioperative echocardiography.

Michael Fenlon

Service lead, consultant and postgraduate restorative services

Michael Fenlon specialises in restorative dentistry, prosthodontics, post head and neck cancer rehabilitation, and dental implants

Archie Fernando

Consultant urologist

Archie Fernando specialises in kidney cancer, retroperitoneal fibrosis, open and minimally invasive urological surgery

Rosalie Ferner

Consultant neurologist

Rosalie Ferner specialises in neurology, neurofibromatosis, and malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumour

Linda Ferrari

Consultant colorectal surgeon

Linda Ferrari specialises in inflammatory bowel disease, pelvic floor, and emergency general surgery.

Albert Ferro

Professor of cardiovascular clinical pharmacology and honorary consultant physician

Albert Ferro specialises in high blood pressure and heart disease

Paul Fields

Consultant haematologist

Paul Fields specialises in non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, malignant haematology, and general haematology

Gerald Finnerty

Senior clinical lecturer and honorary consultant neurologist

Gerald Finnerty specialises in neurology and neuro-oncology

Edmund Fitzgerald O'Connor

Consultant plastic surgeon

Edmund Fitzgerald O'Connor specialises in complex microsurgical reconstruction

Ben Fitzwilliams

Consultant anaesthetist

Ben Fitzwilliams specialises in anaesthesia for children, high risk obstetric anaesthesia, anaesthesia for plastic, orthopaedic and ENT surgery, and treatment of intracranial hypotension

James Fleet

Consultant physician, geriatric and general internal medicine

James Fleet specialises in Community, care home and acute geriatrics

Carsten Flohr

Consultant dermatologist and professor

Carsten Flohr specialises in children's dermatology, childhood eczema, allergy, vascular anomalies, urticaria, and angioedema

Francesca Forzano

Consultant in clinical genetics and honorary senior lecturer at King's College London

Francesca Forzano specialises in dysmorphology, skeletal dysplasias, genomics and ethical, legal and social implications (ELSI)

Julie Fox

HIV consultant

Julie Fox specialises in HIV

Alessandra Frigiola

Consultant cardiologist in adult congenital heart disease

Alessandra Frigiola specialises in adult congenital heart disease

Leila Frodsham

Consultant gynaecologist and psychosexual service lead

Leila Frodsham specialises in physical and psychosexual difficulties in women and men

Julie Frohlich

Consultant midwife

Julie Frohlich specialises in pregnancy care with a particular focus on intrapartum care, care planning and debriefing

Dan Furmedge

Consultant physician, geriatric and general internal medicine

Dan Furmedge specialises in caring for older people

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David Game

Consultant nephrologist

David Game specialises in kidneys

Lorenzo Garagnani

Consultant orthopaedic hand and wrist surgeon

Lorenzo Garagnani specialises in hand and wrist surgery

Isabel Garrood

Consultant clinical neuropsychologist

Isabel Garrood specialises in xeroderma pigmentosum, and children's neuropsychology

Jenny Geh

Consultant plastic surgeon

Jenny Geh specialises in melanoma, all skin cancers, post Mohs reconstruction, and general plastics

Spyros Gennatas

Consultant medical oncologist

Spyros Gennatas specialises in the treatment of thoracic malignancies, including lung cancer, thymic epithelial tumours and mesothelioma

Mark George

Consultant general and colorectal surgeon

Mark George specialises in colorectal cancer, and bowel cancer

Simi George

Consultant pathologist

Simi George specialises in GI histopathology

Alex Georgiou

Consultant medical oncologist

Alex Georgiou specialises in the treatment of lung cancer, mesothelioma and thymic tumours

Sharmistha Ghosh

Associate specialist in medical oncology

Sharmistha Ghosh specialises in the treatment of thoracic and gynaecologial malignancies

Yasmin Giambrone

Consultant radiologist

Yasmin Giambrone specialises in breast, general cross sectional, and oncology imaging

Sam Gidwani

Consultant hand and wrist surgeon

Sam Gidwani specialises in hand, wrist and forearm surgery

Baljit Gill-Barman

Consultant histopathologist

Baljit Gill-Barman specialises in gastrointestinal, infectious/tropical disease, and cytology

Jonathan Glass

Consultant urological surgeon

Jonathan Glass specialises in urology, stones

Guy Glover

Consultant in critical care and anaesthesia

Guy Glover specialises in acute deterioration and critical care outreach, severe respiratory failure, extra corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), and therapeutic hypothermia

Luigi Gnudi

Professor of Diabetes and metabolic medicine, diabetes and endocrinology consultant

Luigi Gnudi specialises in chronic cardiovascular renal complications in patients with diabetes

Peter Gogalniceanu

Consultant surgeon

Peter Gogalniceanu specialises in vascular transplant surgery.

Refik Gökmen

Consultant nephrologist

Dr Gökmen studied at Cambridge and UCL, and qualified in 2001. He undertook training in renal medicine at the Royal Free Hospital, the Royal London Hospital, King's College Hospital and Guy's & St Thomas'.

Simon Goldenberg

Consultant microbiologist and infection control doctor, honorary senior lecturer

Simon Goldenberg specialises in infection prevention and control, decontamination, and healthcare associated infections

Christy Goldsmith

Consultant clinical oncologist

Christy Goldsmith specialises in the treatment of breast cancer, SABR technique and radiotherapy for non-melanomatous skin cancer

Anna Goodman

Consultant in infectious diseases and general medicine

Anna Goodman specialises in COVID-19 vaccines, clinical trials in infection, community-acquired bacterial infections, malaria, S. aureus bacteraemia, Candida, and imaging in infection

James Gossage

Consultant oesophagogastric and general surgeon

James Gossage is a consultant surgeon for benign and malignant oesophagogastric conditions.

Nick Gough

Consultant in palliative care

Nick Gough specialises in pain and symptom control, palliative care and quality of life

Saurabh Goyal

Consultant ophthalmic (eye) surgeon

Saurabh Goyal specialises in glaucoma and cataract surgery

Jan Grace

Consultant gynaecologist

Jan Grace specialises in preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), and reproductive surgery

Julia Grapsa

Consultant cardiologist

Julia Grapsa specialises in valvular heart disease and imaging

Danielle Greenblatt

Consultant dermatologist

Danielle Greenblatt specialises in children's dermatology, adult general dermatology, and epidermolysis bullosa and other genetic skin disorders

Aina Greig

Consultant plastic surgeon

Aina Greig specialises in plastic surgery and children's plastic surgery

Nyree Griffin

Consultant radiologist

Nyree Griffin specialises in hepatobiliary imaging, and gastrointestinal imaging

Teresa Guerrero Urbano

Consultant clinical oncologist

Teresa Guerrero Urbano specialises in radiotherapy, and head and neck cancer

Beth Guildford

Consultant clinical psychologist

Beth Guildford specialises in persistent pain, acceptance and commitment therapy, and matched care and self-help

Ankur Gulati

Consultant cardiologist

Ankur Gultati specialises in the treatment of coronary artery disease

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Nadine Hachach-Haram

Consultant plastic surgeon

Nadine Hachach-Haram specialises in breast and pelvic reconstruction

Gillian Hall

Consultant oral and maxillofacial/head and neck pathologist

Gillian Hall specialises in head and neck pathology

Brian Halliday

Consultant cardiologist and senior lecturer

Brian Halliday specialises in inherited cardiomyopathies, dilated cardiomyopathy, heart failure secondary to cardiomyopathies, and cardiovascular magnetic resonance

Hisham Hamed

Consultant breast surgeon and lead breast surgeon

Hisham Hamed specialises in breast diseases, pain, and reconstruction

Chris Hammond

Consultant and professor of ophthalmology

Chris Hammond specialises in adult strabismus (squint), children’s complex strabismus (squint), and refractive error (high myopia)

Geeta Hampson

Consultant chemical pathology/metabolic medicine

Geeta Hampson specialises in the diagnosis and management of metabolic bone diseases/osteoporosis, and calcium/phosphate metabolism

Robert Hangartner

Consultant histopathologist

Robert Hangartner specialises in renal histopathology

Rubaiyat Haque

Consultant allergist

Rubaiyat Haque specialises in allergy

Danielle Harari

Consultant physician in geriatric medicine

Danielle Harari specialises in the comprehensive assessment of older people, urinary/faecal incontinence, and constipation

Jennifer Hare

Consultant health psychologist

Jennifer Hare specialises in dental anxiety and phobia, anxiety related to health behaviour and health care settings, and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

Helen Harker

Consultant paediatric anaesthetist

Helen Harker specialises in anaesthesia for children's airway surgery

Mark Harries

Consultant medical oncologist and head of medical oncology

Mark Harries specialises in the treatment of breast cancer and melanoma

Claire Harrison

Professor of myeloproliferative neoplasms and clinical director

Claire Harrison specialises in myeloproliferative neoplasms

Mike Harrison

Consultant in paediatric (children's) dentistry

Mike Harrison specialises in children's dentistry

Karen Harrison-Phipps

Clinical lead for thoracic surgery

Karen Harrison-Phipps specialises in thoracic surgery

Nicholas Hart

Clinical and academic director Lane Fox respiratory service

Nicholas Hart specialises in weaning, rehabilitation and home mechanical ventilation in patients with chronic respiratory failure

Catherine Head

Consultant cardiologist

Catherine Head specialises in cardiology, adult congenital heart disease, and heart disease in pregnancy

Ciaran Healy

Consultant plastic surgeon

Ciaran Healy is a consultant plastic surgeon at Guy's and St Thomas'.

Aseel Hegazi

Consultant in HIV and sexual health

Aseel Hegazi specialises in complex HIV and sexual infections in pregnancy

Carolyn Hemsley

Clinical lead and infectious diseases and microbiology consultant/lead for OPAT service

Carolyn Hemsley specialises in bone and joint infection, infection in the immunocompromised, thoracic infections, outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy (OPAT)

Kathrine Hilario

Genetics research practioner coordinator

Kathrine Hilario specialises in research

Rachel Hilton

Consultant nephrologist

Rachel Hilton specialises in kidney transplantation, living kidney donation, viral infection after transplantation, kidney disease in patients with human immunodeficiency virus

Mark Ho-Asjoe

Consultant plastic surgeon

Mark Ho-Asjoe is a consultant plastic surgeon at Guy's and St Thomas'.

Muriel Holder

Consultant clinical geneticist

Muriel Holder specialises in limb anomalies, dysmorphology, inherited metabolic disorders, fetal medicine, and dermatology

Tom Holland

Consultant gynaecologist

Tom Holland minimal access surgery for endometriosis, complex benign gynaecology, early pregnancy complications, emergency gynaecology, and gynaecological ultrasound

Claire Hopkins

ENT consultant

Claire Hopkins specialises in rhinology, facial plastics, and anterior skull base surgery

Adrian Hopper

Consultant physician, geriatric and general internal medicine

Adrian Hopper specialises in geriatric and general internal medicine

Catherine Horsfield

Consultant histopathologist

Catherine Horsfield renal pathology, urological pathology, and postgraduate training

Jo Howard

Consultant haematologist and lead clinician

Jo Howard specialises in sickle cell disease

Simon Hughes

Consultant clinical oncologist

Simon Hughes specialises in clinical education and is the lead for Guy's Cancer Academy

Beverley Hunt

Consultant in thrombosis and haemostasis

Beverley Hunt specialises in thrombosis and haemostasis, pathology, and lupus

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Javier Ibanez-Mata

Consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Javier Ibanez-Mata specialises in hand surgery, and upper limb surgery

Mark Ide

Professor/honorary consultant

Mark Ide specialises in periodontics, prosthodontics, and restorative dentistry

Shahzad Ilyas

Consultant interventional radiologist

Shahzad Ilyas specialises in complex vascular, urological and oncological interventions

Sheeba Irshad

Senior clinical lecturer

Sheeba Irshad specialises in researching hard to treat breast cancers

Melita Irving

Consultant clinical geneticist

Melita Irving specialises in achondroplasia, hypochondroplasia, skeletal dysplasia, dental genetics, Hajdu-Cheney syndrome, and prenatal testing

Peter Irving

Consultant gastroenterologist reader in gastroenterology

Peter Irving specialises in inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis)

Tevfik Ismail

Consultant cardiologist and reader

Tevfik Ismail specialises in cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging, heart failure, inherited and inflammatory heart muscle disease

Louise Izatt

Consultant in clinical and cancer genetics

Louise Izatt specialises in cancer genetics

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Alison J Hainsworth

Consultant colorectal surgeon

Alison J Hainsworth specialises in pelvic floor surgery, colorectal cancer, and emergency general surgery

David Jackson

Consultant in severe asthma and eosinophilic lung diseases

David Jackson specialises in asthma, EGPA (Churg-Strauss vasculitis), eosinophilic lung diseases, and adolescent asthma transition care

Karina Jackson

Dermatology consultant nurse

Karina Jackson specialises in nurse led services, adult medical dermatology, and non-medical prescribing

Matt James

Consultant plastic surgeon

Matt James specialises in hand and wrist reconstructive surgery, wrist instability, and post trauma reconstruction

Rhiann Jamieson

Clinical psychologist in dermatology

Rhiann Jamieson specialises in women’s sexual health, and in the role of psychology in the treatment of vulvodynia

Sarra Jawad

Consultant in restorative dentistry

Sarra Jawad specialises in head and neck cancer, orofacial clefts, toothwear, and dental implants

Jean-Pierre Jeannon

Consultant ear, nose and throat (ENT)

Jean-Pierre Jeannon specialises in thyroid cancer, robotic surgery, oral cancer, salivary gland surgery, skin cancer, and orbital tumours

Susannah Jenner

Clinical psychologist in dermatology

Susannah Jenner specialises in clinical psychologist in dermatology

Dan Jiang

Consultant otolaryngologist

Dan Jiang specialises in adult and paediatric cochlear implantation, middle ear implantable hearing devices, bone anchored hearing aids (Baha), and advanced neuro-otology

Joanna Johnson

Consultant in paediatric dentistry

Joanna Johnson specialises in children's dentistry

Debra Josephs

Consultant medical oncologist

Debra Josephs specialises in the treatment of prostate, kidney, lung, and thymic tumours

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Mustafa Kadam

Consultant physician in acute, general and stroke medicine

Mustafa Kadam specialises in acute and general medicine, same day emergency care, stroke primary and secondary prevention, and hyper-acute stroke care

Poonam Kalsi

Consultant in restorative dentistry

Poonam Kalsi specialises in prosthodontics and periodontics, including implant dentistry

Tania Kalsi

Consultant in geriatric and general internal medicine

Tania Kalsi specialises in cancer in older people, care home medicine, service change, innovation and quality improvement

Georgios Kaltsakas

Consultant in respiratory and ventilation medicine

Georgios Kaltsakas specialises in chronic respiratory failure and respiratory function testing.

Stam Kapetanakis

Consultant cardiologist and clinical lead for cardio-oncology

Stam Kapetanakisi specialises in heart failure, and cardiac imaging

Yakubu Karagama

Consultant ENT surgeon and laryngologist

Yakubu Karagama specialises in voice, airway, and swallow

Janaka Karalliedde

Consultant in diabetes and endocrinology

Janaka Karalliedde specialises in diabetes mellitus, diabetic vascular, and renal complications

Eleni Karapanagiotou

Consultant medical oncologist

Eleni Karapanagiotou specialises in the treatment of lung and breast cancer

Narayan Karunanithy

Consultant interventional radiologist

Narayan Karunanithy specialises in interventional radiology, MRI and CT angiography

Nikolaos Karydis

Consultant transplant surgeon

Nikolaos Karydis specialises in transplantation, and vascular access

Taner Kasapoglu

Senior clinical fellow in reproductive medicine and assisted conception and PGT-M/SR

Taner Kasapoglu specialises in reproductive medicine, assisted conception, and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis testing (PGT-M/SR)

Gurdip Kaur Azad

Oncologist clinical consultant

Gurdip Azad specialises in breast and prostate cancers

Majid Kazmi

Chief of cancer services and deputy medical director

Majid Kazmi specialises in myeloma and bone marrow transplantation

Mark Kelly

Consultant surgeon

Mark Kelly specialises in surgery for oesophago-gastric cancer, gastro-oesophageal reflux, hiatus hernia, gallstones, hernia surgery, and general surgery

Bryan Kerr

Consultant special care dentistry

Bryan Kerr specialises in sedation, and special care dentistry

Nicos Kessaris

Consultant transplant surgeon

Nicos Kessarisis specialises in transplantation

Rachel Kesse-Adu

Consultant haematologist

Rachel Kesse-Adu specialises in sickle cell disease

Raghbir Khakha

Consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon

Raghbir Khakha specialises in knee surgery

Yacoub Khalaf

Head of fertility services and director of assisted conception unit

Yacoub Khalaf specialises in reproductive medicine and surgery

Zohya Khalique

Consultant cardiologist

Zohya Khalique specialises in inherited cardiac conditions and cardiovascular magnetic resonance.

Shaheen Khan

Consultant in palliative medicine

Shaheen Khan specialises in palliative care

Clare Kiely

Consultant dermatologist, dermatological and laser surgeon

Dr Clare Kiely specialises in the management of skin cancer and Mohs micrographic surgery

Christoph Kiesewetter

Consultant cardiologist

Christoph Kiesewetter specialises in cardiology and adult congenital heart disease

Juliet King

Consultant thoracic surgeon and clinical lead for thoracic surgery

Juliet King specialises in adult thoracic surgery, and minimal access thoracic surgery (VATS).

Mark Kinirons

Consultant physician in general and geriatric medicine

Mark Kinirons specialises in quality and safety in hospital care, service development in old age medicine, clinical pharmacology of ageing, ethics and morality in health, disease and ageing, evidence base healthcare development, and multidisciplinary team practice

Anthony Kong

Clinical reader and honorary consultant clinical oncologist

Anthony Kong specialises in head and neck cancers, breast cancers, recurrent cancers, hyperthermia, immunotherapy

Julia Kopeika

Consultant gynaecologist

Julia (Yuliya) Kopeika specialises in reproductive medicine and surgery

Sreelakshmi Kotha

Consultant hepatologist and gastroenterologist

Sreelakshmi Kotha specialises in cirrhosis, autoimmune liver conditions, and hepatobiliary procedures

Ash Kothari

Clinical lead in breast surgery

Ash Kothari specialises in the treatment of breast problems

Michalis Koutroumanidis

Epileptologist, professor in clinical neurophysiology

Michalis Koutroumanidis specialises in adult epileptology (epilepsy), first seizure, and video electroencephalography (EEG)

Tibor Kovacs

Onco-plastic breast surgeon

Tibor Kovacs specialises in breast cancer

Hartmut Kristeleit

Consultant medical oncologist

Hartmut Kristeleit specialises in early and advanced breast cancer

Ali Kubba

Lead colposcopy consultant

Ali Kubba specialises in colposcopy, medical gynaecology, contraception, menopause, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Ranjababu Kulasegaram

Consultant physician in HIV/GU medicine

Ranjababu Kulasegaram specialises in HIV

Anjana Kulkarni

Consultant clinical geneticist

Anjana Kulkarni specialises in cancer genetics

Kumar Kunde

Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist

Kumar Kunde specialises in endometriosis, laparoscopic and hysterocopic surgery, and treatment of fibroids

Jerry Kwok

Oral surgery consultant

Jerry Kwok specialises in oral surgery

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Katie Lacy

Consultant dermatologist

Katie Lacy's specialist interests are skin cancer, melanoma, moles, skin imaging and cutaneous immunology.

Alistair Laidlaw

Consultant vitreo retinal surgeon

Alistair Laidlaw specialises in retinal and macular surgery and surgery for diabetic retinopathy

Giorgio Lambru

Consultant neurologist

Giorgio Lambru specialises in headaches and neurology.

Katie Lancaster

Consultant plastic surgeon

Katie Lancaster specialises in colorectal, complex abdominal wall, gynaecological and breast reconstruction.

Helen Lane

Consultant in special care dentistry

Helen Lane specialises in conscious sedation for people with learning disabilities and complex medical needs.

Sinéad Langan

Dermatology consultant

Sinéad Langan specialises in eczema, psoriasis and medical dermatology.

Chris Langrish

Consultant intensivist and anaesthetist

Chris Langrish has an interest in extra corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and critical care education and training.

Ahmed Latif

Consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon

Ahmed Latif specialises in foot and ankle surgery.

Alan Lehmann

Consultant scientist

Alan Lehmann is based at the Genome Damage and Stability Centre at the University of Sussex where our team sends biopsies for diagnosis.

Mary Lei

Consultant clinical oncologist

Mary Lei specialises in the treatment of head and neck and thyroid tumours.

Guy Leschziner

Consultant neurologist, service lead for sleep disorders

Guy Leschziner sees people with sleep disorders, epilepsy and general neurology conditions.

Fiona Lewis

Consultant dermatologist

Fiona Lewis specialises in vulval conditions and disease.

Panagiotis Liantis

Consultant spinal orthopaedic surgeon

Panagiotis Liantis treats all conditions of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.

Gavin Ling

Consultant haematologist

Gavin Ling specialises in bleeding disorders.

Min Liu

Consultant in pain medicine

Min Liu specialises in fibromyalgia.

Simon Liu

Consultant anaesthetist

Simon Liu specialises in adult cardiothoracic anaesthesia, pre hospital and trauma medicine and adult resuscitation.

Stephen Lloyd Morris

Consultant clinical oncologist

Stephen Lloyd Morris specialises in the management of skin and urological cancers.

Ioannis Loukopoulos

Consultant transplant surgeon

Ioannis Loukopoulos is the lead for robotic donor live nephrectomy and vascular access.

Jonathan Lucas

Consultant orthopaedic and spine surgeon

Jonathan Lucas specialises in the management and surgery of children and adult spinal deformity

Gianluca Lucchese

Consultant cardiac surgeon

Gianluca Lucchese has a specific interest in minimally invasive valvular surgery and trans-catheter valve implantation (such as TAVI).

Pu-Lin Luo

Consultant haematologist

Pu-Lin Luo specialises in managing haemostasis in teenage and young adolescent patients and non-severe haemophilia.

Magnus Lynch

Consultant dermatologist and dermatological surgeon

Magnus Lynch has a particular interest in skin surgery and the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.

Andrew Lyons

Consultant maxillofacial head and neck surgeon

Andrew Lyons has an interest in dentoalveolar surgery facial pain, head and neck cancer (oncological) surgery, and reconstruction.

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Rajesh Nair

Consultant urological surgeon

Rajesh Nair specialises in urological cancers, kidney cancer, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Osama Naji

Consultant gynaecologist

Osama Naji specialises in the early detection of gynaecological pre-cancerous conditions.

Alexandra Nanzer-Kelly

Consultant respiratory physician

Alexandra Nanzer-Kelly specialises in harmful metabolic, skeletal and psychological effects of steroid therapy in severe asthma and young adults with asthma.

Shamim Nassrally

Consultant physician

Shamim Nassrally specialises in acute and general medicine, medical education, and leadership and management.

Sarah Natas

Consultant radiologist

Sarah Natas specialises in cancer imaging and gynaecological imaging.

Rahul Nath

Consultant gynaecological oncologist

Rahul Nath specialises in ovarian, endometrial, cervical and vulval cancer.

Mark Nathan

Consultant medical oncologist

Mark Nathan specialises in early and metastatic breast cancer.

Samina Nayani-Low

Consultant in special care dentistry

Samina Nayani-Low specialises in special car dentistry, conscious sedation for dentistry, oral care for people with haematological malignancies and people living with addiction

Kaser Nazir

Consultant podiatric (foot) surgeon

Kaser Nazir specialises in reconstructive forefoot, mid-foot and rear-foot surgery.

Lucy Neave

Consultant haematologist

Lucy Neave specialises in bleeding and thrombotic disorders.

Catherine Nelson-Piercy

Professor of obstetric medicine and consultant obstetric physician

Catherine Nelson-Piercy specialises in medical problems in prgenancy.

William Newsholme

Consultant in infectious diseases and general medicine

William Newsholme specialises in hospital acquired infection, tropical infections and infection control.

Tim Newton

Honorary consultant health psychologist/professor of psychology as applied to dentistry

Tim Newton provides cognitive behavioural therapy to support people with dental phobia to overcome their fear.

Roy Ng

Consultant plastic surgeon

Roy Ng specialises in general plastic surgery, complex hernias and body contouring.

Sarah Ngan

Consultant medical oncologist

Sarah Ngan specialises in upper gastro-intestinal cancers, cancer of unknown primary and acute oncology.

Diane Nicholl

Consultant foot (podiatric) surgeon

Diane Nicholl specialises in hallux valgus and forefoot deformities, arthritic foot joints and plantar fasciitis.

Najla Nizarali

Consultant in special care dentistry

Najla Nizarali specialises in special care dentistry.

Jonathan Noël

Consultant urological surgeon

Jonathan Noël specialises in robotic assisted prostate surgery.

Achyuta Nori

Clinical lead for sexual health

Achyuta Nori specialises in sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and complex HIV care.

Maryann Noronha

Consultant in emergency medicine

Maryann Noronha specialises in global health.

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David O'Brart

Consultant ophthalmic (eye) surgeon and professor of corneal science

David O'Brart specialises in the cornea, external eye disease, glaucoma, cataract surgery and refractive surgery.

Tim O'Brien

Consultant urological surgeon

Tim O'Brien specialises in kidney and bladder cancer.

Stephen O'Connor

Consultant orthodontist

Stephen O'Connor specialises in craniofacial deformities and hypodontia.

Mark O'Neill

Consultant cardiologist and professor of cardiac electrophysiology

Mark O'Neill specialises in cardiology, cardiac electrophysiology and arrhythmias.

Richard Oakley

Head and neck surgical oncology consultant

Richard Oakley specialises in head and neck cancer and salivary gland cancer.

Jude Oben

Consultant gastroenterologist and hepatologist

Jude Oben specialises in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, obesity and metabolic endoscopy.

Rupert Obholzer

Ear nose and throat and skull base consultant surgeon

Rupert Obholzer specialises in disease of the side of the head (skull base) and ear.

Lawrence Okiror

Consultant thoracic surgeon

Lawrence Okiror specialises in minimally-invasive surgery, radical surgery for mesothelioma and resection of advanced thoracic malignancies.

Jonathon Olsburgh

Consultant transplant urological surgeon

Jonathon Olsburgh specialises in kidney transplant surgery.

Georgios Orfaniotis

Consultant plastic surgeon

Georgios Orfaniotis specialises in head and neck reconstructive surgery, microsurgery and general plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Marlies Ostermann

Consultant in nephrology and critical care

Marlies Ostermann specialises in short-term kidney injury, especially in critically ill patients.

Kasia Owczarczyk

Consultant clinical oncologist

Kasia Owczarczyk specialises in gastro-oesophageal and rectal cancers.

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Soundrie Padayachee

Consultant cardiologist and head of ultrasonic angiology

Soundrie Padayachee specialises in ultrasound evaluation of vascular disease and surgical interventions, cerebrovascular disease, transcranial doppler screening in sickle cell disease and endovascular repair of aortic aneurysms.

Stefano Palmisani

Consultant in pain medicine

Stefano Palmisani specialises in long-term pain and neuromodulation.

Jaykar Panchmatia

Consultant spinal orthopaedic surgeon

Jaykar Panchmatia specialises in cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine surgery.

Pavlos Panteliadis

Consultant spinal surgeon

Pavlos Panteliadis specialises in cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine surgery.

Aneeta Parthipun

Interventional radiology consultant

Aneeta Parthipun specialises in vascular interventions, children's interventional radiology and non-vascular interventions.

Judith Partridge

Consultant in geriatric and general internal medicine

Judith Partridge specialises in perioperative medicine for patients at high risk, frailty, delirium and hospital acquired deconditioning, research, and education and training

Rakesh Patalay

Consultant dermatologist and dermatological surgeon

Rakesh Patalay specialises in skin cancer.

Ashish Patel

Consultant vascular and endovascular surgeon

Ashish Patel specialises in the open and endovascular treatment of peripheral arterial and diabetic foot disease.

Sanjay Patel

Consultant vascular and endovascular surgeon

Sanjay Patel specialises in complex open and endovascular treatment of peripheral vascular disease, especially in people with diabetes.

Vinod Patel

Oral surgery consultant and dental services lead for cancer

Vinod Patel specialises in dental conditions in people with cancer.

Piers Patten

Consultant haematologist and senior lecturer

Piers Patten specialises in blood cancer.

Tiffany Patterson

Consultant cardiologist and senior lecturer

Tiffany Patterson is a heart surgeon and educator at international conferences.

James Pattison

Consultant nephrologist

James Pattison specialises in glomerular disease and kidney transplant.

Antonis Pavlidis

Consultant cardiologist

Antonis Pavlidis specialises in the treatment of complex coronary disease.

Amit Pawa

Consultant anaesthetist

Amit Pawa specialises in ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia and major surgery.

Divaka Perera

Consultant cardiologist and professor of interventional cardiology

Divaka Perera specialises in general cardiology, ischaemic heart disease (coronary heart disease) and interventional cardiology.

Ranmith Perera

Consultant histopathologist

Ranmith Perera specialises in kidney pathology.

Imran Petkar

Consultant clinical oncologist

Imran Petkar specialises in head and neck and colorectal cancers.

Taryn Pile

Consultant physician and nephrologist

Taryn Pile specialises in kidney pre-pregnancy counselling, long term transplant follow up, glomerular disease and short-term kidney injury.

Prathap Pillai

Consultant allergist

Prathap Pillai specialises in airway allergies, immunotherapy and drug and food allergies.

John Pilling

Consultant thoracic surgeon

John Pilling specialises in risk assessment in lung cancer surgery, pleural effusion, pulmonary metastasectomy and minimally invasive thoracic surgery.

Sarah Pinder

Professor of breast pathology and honorary consultant breast pathologist

Sarah Pinder specialises in breast pathology.

Andrew Pink

Consultant dermatologist

Andrew Pink specialises in psoriasis, eczema, acneiform disorders and general dermatology.

Elias Pintus

Consultant medical oncologist

Elias Pintus specialises in urological cancers.

Alexander Polson

Consultant pathologist

Alexander Polson specialises in gynaecological and urological pathology.

Rick Popert

Consultant urological surgeon

Rick Popert specialises in radical prostatectomy.

Harry Powell

Consultant ear, nose and throat surgeon

Harry Powell specialises in hearing implants and surgery for ear disease and peripheral balance disorders.

Bernard Prendergast

Consultant cardiologist

Bernard Prendergast specialises in valve disease, ischaemic heart disease and infective endocarditis.

Davide Prezzi

Consultant radiologist

Davide Prezzi specialises in kidney, urological and cancer imaging.

Arnie Purushotham

Honorary consultant surgeon and professor of breast cancer

Arnie Purushotham specialises in surgery for breast cancer.

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Asad Qureshi

Consultant clinical oncologist

Asad Qureshi specialises stomach, oesophagus, bowel and anal cancers.

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Deepti Radia

Consultant haematologist

Deepti Radia specialises in myeloproliferative disorders (MPDs).

Kavita Raj

Consultant haematologist

Kavita Raj specialises in blood cancer.

Usman Raja

Consultant clinical and interventional radiologist

Usman Raja specialises in complex hepatobiliary, oncological (cancer), vascular and kidney access interventions.

Ronak Rajani

Consultant cardiologist in valve disease and heart (cardiac) imaging

Ronak Rajani specialises in valve disease, heart (cardiac) imaging and heart failure.

Daghni Rajasingam

Consultant obstetrician

Daghni Rajasingam specialises in high risk pregnancies and diabetes in pregnancy.

Radha Ramachandran

Consultant in adult inherited metabolic diseases

Radha Ramachandran specialises in inherited metabolic diseases.

Suneil Ramessur

Consultant anaesthetist

Suneil Ramessur specialises in anaesthesia for gyaneoncology, regional anaesthesia, sedation and pain management.

Michelle Ramsay

Consultant in respiratory and ventilation medicine

Michelle Ramsay specialises in home mechanical ventilation in long-term respiratory failure.

Ellie Rashid

Consultant dermatologist

Ellie Rashid specialises in hidradenitis suppurativa (HS), psoriasis and children's dermatology.

Heather Rawle

Consultant clinical and health psychologist

Heather Rawle specialises in the psychological support of adults with blood disorders.

Simon Redwood

Honorary consultant cardiologist and professor of interventional cardiology

Simon Redwood specialises in structural heart interventions.

Caroline Reed

Consultant in maxillofacial prosthetics

Caroline Reed specialises in providing rehabilitation for people with face and body prosthetics.

Miguel Reis Ferreira

Consultant clinical oncologist

Miguel Reis Ferreira specialises in head and neck cancers.

Anne Rigg

Consultant medical oncologist and medical director for cancer and surgery

Anne Rigg specialises in systemic therapies for early and advanced breast cancer.

Aldo Rinaldi

Consultant cardiologist and clinical lead for electrophysiology

Aldo Rinaldi specialises in arrythmias, heart failure and coronary artery disease.

Ailsa Ritchie

Consultant ophthalmic (eye) surgeon

Ailsa Ritchie specialises in strabismus and cataract surgery.

Scott Robbie

Consultant ophthalmic (eye) surgeon

Scott Robbie specialises in cornea, cataract, external diseases and refractive surgery.

Leema Robert

Consultant clinical geneticist

Leema Robert specialises in cardiovascular genetics.

David Roberts

Consultant rhinologist and facial plastic surgeon

David Roberts specialises in complex sinus disease, endoscopic skull base surgery and nasal plastic surgery.

Susan Robinson

Consultant haematologist and clinical director

Susan Robinson specialises in obstetric haematology.

Paul Roblin

Consultant plastic surgeon

Paul Roblin specialises in breast reconstruction and head and neck reconstruction.

Michael Robson

Consultant nephrologist

Mike Robson specialises in systemic lupus erythematosus, anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody vasculitis and glomerulonephritis.

Catherine Rodgers

Consultant physician in genitourinary and HIV medicine

Catherine Rodgers specialises in recurrent vulcovaginal candidiasis and recurrent bacterial vaginosis.

Ian Rodrigues

Ophthalmology (eye) consultant

Ian Rodrigues specialises in glaucoma and cataract surgery.

Jose Rodriguez

Consultant in restorative dentistry

Jose Rodriguez specialises in head and neck cancer, tooth wear, dental implants and hypodontia.

Yvonne Rooney

Consultant in special care dentistry

Yvonne Rooney specialises in dental sedation.

Victoria Rose

Consultant plastic surgeon

Victoria Rose specialises in breast reconstruction and lower limb trauma.

Eric Rosenthal

Consultant children's and adult congenital cardiologist

Eric Rosenthal specialsies in diagnostic and interventional heart catheterisation, electrophysiology testing and catheter ablation, pacemaker and defibrillator implantation and adults with congenital heart disease.

Shahbaz Roshan-Zamir

Consultant physician and geriatrician

Shahbaz Roshan-Zamir specialises in short-term and general care of older people.

David Ross

Consultant plastic surgeon

David Ross specialises in breast reconstruction techniques.

Paul Ross

Consultant in medical oncology

Paul Ross specialises in colorectal, liver, bile duct and pancreatic cancer.

Alexander Rossor

Consultant neurologist

Alexander Rossor is a consultant neurologist.

Tom Routledge

Thoracic surgery consultant

Tom Routledge specialises in surgery for lung cancer.

Aleix Rovira

Consultant head and neck surgeon

Aleix Rovira specialises in head and neck cancer, thyroid cancer and non-melanoma skin cancer.

Deborah Ruddy

Consultant clinical geneticist

Deborah Ruddy specialises in cancer genetics and neurogenetics.

Sarah Rudman

Consultant medical oncologist

Sarah Rudman specialises in urological cancer.

Chris Rutkowski

Consultant allergist and clinical lead for adult allergy

Chris Rutkowski specialist in difficult urticaria, drug allergy and anaphylaxis.

Janice Rymer

Professor of obstetrics and gynaecology

Janice Rymer specialises in ovarian failure, hormone replacement therapy, endometriosis and minimal access surgery.

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Vassilios S Avlonitis

Consultant cardiac (heart) surgeon

Vassilios Avlonitis specialises in mitral repair and minimally invasive mitral surgery.

Anatole S Menon-Johansson

Consultant physician in sexual health and HIV

Anatole Menon-Johansson specialises in HIV and sexual health.

Michael Sabetai

Consultant heart (cardiac) surgeon

Michael Sabetai specialises in aortic surgery, aortic valve surgery and coronary artery surgery.

Tarun Sabharwal

Consultant interventional radiologist

Tarun Sabharwal specialises in vascular and nonvascular interventions.

Steve Sacks

Professor of nephrology (kidney)

Steve Sacks specialises in immune disorders of the kidney

Prakash Saha

Clinical senior lecturer and consultant vascular surgeon

Prakash Saha specialises in open and endovascular surgery

Arun Sahai

Consultant urological surgeon

Arun Sahai specialises in bladder dysfunction, incontinence and urinary tract reconstruction

Amr Salam

Consultant dermatologist

Amr Salam specialises in skin cancer and acne

Caner Salih

Consultant cardiac surgeon

Caner Salih specialies in congenital heart disease surgery.

Morad Sallam

Consultant vascular surgeon

Morad Sallam specialises in complex aortic aneurysm repair and redo aortic surgery

Mark Samaan

Consultant gastroenterologist

Mark Samaan specialises in inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis and crohn's disease.

Jeremy Sanderson

Consultant gastroenterologist and professor of gastroenterology

Jeremy Sanderson specialises in inflammatory bowel disease, oral Crohn’s disease and colonoscopy.

Becky Sandford

Consultant vascular surgeon

Becky Sandford specialises in emergency and ambulatory non-elective care.

Srividhya Sankaran

Consultant in maternal-fetal medicine

Srividhya Sankaran specialises in high risk obstetrics,
antenatal scans and invasive fetal procedures.

Aaisha Saqib

Consultant in diabetes, endocrinology and general internal medicine

Aaisha Saqib specialises in caring for people living with diabetes and endocrine disorders.

Debashis Sarker

Consultant and senior lecturer in medical oncology

Debashis Sarker specialises in hepatobiliary cancers.

Elinor Sawyer

Consultant clinical oncologist

Elinor Sawyer specialises in breast cancer

Ahmad Sayasneh

Gynaecology oncologist consultant

Ahmad Sayasneh specialises in radical and ultra-radical cancer surgery

Magda Sbai

Consultant physician and geriatrician

Magda Sbai specialises in care for older people having surgery and older people with orthopaedic conditions

Rebekah Schiff

Consultant in general and geriatric medicine

Rebekah Schiff specialises in inpatient and cardiology care for older people.

Alexis Schizas

Consultant colorectal and general surgeon

Alexis Schizas specialises in colorectal and anal cancer surgery.

Jan Schumacher

Consultant anaesthetist

Jan Schumacher specialises in anaesthesia for transplantation.

Jason Scott

Consultant anaesthetist

Jason Scott specialises in obstetric anaesthesia, vascular anaesthesia and anaesthesia in people who are obese

Paul Scully

Consultant cardiologist

Paul Scully specialises in heart failure, cardiac amyloidosis, nuclear cardiology and cardiac CT.

Marlene See

Consultant plastic surgeon

Marlene See specialises in breast reconstruction.

Jadbinder Seehra

Senior specialist clinical teacher and honorary consultant in orthodontics

Jadbinder Seehra specialises in clinical teaching.

Piya Sen Gupta

Consultant in in diabetes and endocrinology

Piya Sen Gupta manages people with diabetes, endocrine conditions and obesity.

Cindy Sethi

Consultant in sexual health

Cindy Sethi specialises in sexually transmitted infections, HIV and genital dermatology.

Jane Setterfield

Professor of oral and dermatological medicine

Jane Setterfield specialises in dermatological oral disease.

Ali Sever

Consultant radiologist

Ali Sever specialises in breast imaging.

Majed Shabbir

Consultant urological surgeon

Majed Shabbir specialises in genital reconstruction, urethroplasty, Peyronie's disease and erectile dysfunction.

Sophia Shah

Consultant orthodontist

Sophia Shah specialises in craniofacial deformities, orthognathic treatment and lingual orthodontics.

Zameer Shah

Consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon

Zameer Shah specialises in hip and knee surgery.

Muhammad Shamim Khan

Consultant urological surgeon

Muhammad Shamim Khan specialises in the management of bladder cancer.

Adam Shaw

Consultant clinical geneticist

Adam Shaw specialises in cancer genetics.

Evelyn Sheehy

Consultant in children's dentistry

Evelyn Sheehy specialises in managing dental trauma in children.

Nabeel Sheikh

Consultant cardiologist

Nabeel Sheikh specialises in inherited heart (cardiac) conditions.

Kin Sheng Lim

Professor in glaucoma studies

K Sheng Lim specialises in glaucoma surgery, glaucoma laser and cataract surgery

Peter Sherren

Consultant in critical care medicine, ECMO and anaesthesia

Peter Sherren specialises in severe cardiorespiratory failure, cardiac anaesthesia and resuscitation.

Eoin Sherry

Consultant anaesthetist

Eoin Sherry specialises in anaesthesia and clinical management.

Emily Sherwin

Consultant in special care dentistry

Emily Sherwin specialises in dental care for people having bisphosphonate treatment, people with head and neck cancer and people with with learning disabilities and complex medical needs.

Nisith Sheth

Consultant dermatologist and dermatological surgeon

Nisith Sheth specialises in Mohs surgery.

Anoop Shetty

Consultant cardiologist and electrophysiologist

Anoop Shetty specialises in heart devices, arrhythmia and lead extraction.

Pepe Shirlaw

Consultant in oral medicine

Pepe Shirlaw specialises in anaesthetic allergy testing.

Leonard Siew

Consultant allergist

Leonard Siew specialises in allergen desensitisation, food allergy, drug allergy and asthma.

Ricard Simo

Consultant ENT and head and neck surgeon and clinical lead for head and neck surgery

Ricard Simo specialises in head and neck cancer, thyroid, parathyroid and salivary gland surgery.

Ailsa Sita-Lumsden

Consultant in medical oncology (cancer)

Ailsa Sita-Lumsden specialises in oesophageal and stomach cancers and cancers of unknown primary (CUP).

Nishanth Sivarasan

Consultant radiologist

Nishanth Sivarasan specialises in interstitial lung disease, lung cancer, nodule management, and general cardiovascular CT.

Catherine Smith

Professor of dermatology and therapeutics

Catherine Smith specialises in severe eczema and psoriasis.

Dan Smith

Consultant clinical oncologist

Dan Smith specialises in breast cancer and lung cancer.

Kate Smith

Consultant in medical oncology

Kate Smith specialises in kidney, prostate and bladder cancer.

Luke Smith

Consultant in acute and general internal medicine

Luke Smith specialises in medical education, clinical toxicology and medical forensics.

Sue Smith

Consultant clinical psychologist in cancer

Sue Smith specialises in helping people live with cancer.

Thomas Smith

Consultant anaesthetist and professor

Thomas Smith specialises in anaesthesia for major urological surgery and aerospace medicine.

Thomas Smith

Consultant in pain medicine

Thomas Smith specialises in spinal pain, neuropathic (nerve) pain, headache and facial pain.

Elisaveta Sokolov

Consultant in clinical neurophysiology

Elisaveta Sokolov specialises in epilepsy and electroencephalograms.

Peter Sommerville

Consultant in stroke, geriatric and general medicine

Peter Sommerville specialises in stroke, eating and drinking at risk, delirium and neurorehabilitation.

Gehan Soosaipillai

Consultant medical oncologist

Gehan Soosaipillai specialises in colorectal cancers and acute oncology

James Spicer

Professor of experimental cancer medicine and consultant in medical oncology

James Spicer specialises in lung cancer.

Jennifer Spillane

Consultant neurologist

Jennifer Spillane specialises in myasthenia gravis and associated disorders, neuromuscular disease and the care of young adults moving from children's to adult services.

Chris Sproat

Oral surgery consultant and clinical lead for mouth (oral) surgery

Chris Sproat is an oral surgery consultant at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.

Shelley Srivastava

Consultant physician in respiratory and general medicine

Shelley Srivastava specialises in non-invasive ventilation and the transition of children to adult respiratory services.

Simon Steddon

Medical director

Simon Steddon specialises in kidney medicine.

Joerg Steier

Professor of respiratory and sleep medicine

Joerg Steier specialises in sleep and ventilation.

William Stern

Consultant neurologist

William Stern specialises in epilepsy, first seizures and general neurology.

Claire Steves

Honorary consultant physician and senior clinical lecturer in geriatric medicine

Claire Steves specialises in acute delirium and dementia in medically complex patients.

Matthew Streetly

Consultant haematologist

Matthew Streetly specialises in myeloma and plasma cell disorders.

Eui-Sik Suh

Consultant in respiratory and ventilation medicine

Eui-Sik Suh specialises in complex home mechanical ventilation, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and respiratory muscle physiology.

Pavol Surda

ENT consultant rhinologist and skull base surgeon

Pavol Surda specialises in nose and sinus disease (rhinology), the management of nasal deformities and anterior skull base surgery.

Angela Swampillai

Consultant clinical oncologist

Angela Swampillai specialises in breast cancer, brain cancer and neurofibromatosis.

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Lauren Uppal

Consultant plastic surgeon

Lauren Uppal specialises in hand surgery.

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Mina Vaidyanathan

Consultant in children's dentistry

Mina Vaidyanathan specialises in treating children with medical conditions that may affect dental treatment.

Jon Van Der Walt

Consultant histopathologist

Jon van der Walt specialises in haematopathology, endocrine pathology, and autopsies

Claire Van Nispen Tot Pannerden

Consultant in infectious diseases

Claire van Nispen tot Pannerden specialises in diabetic foot infections and kidney infections.

Mary Varia

Consultant histopathologist and cytopathologist

Mary Varia specialises in urological and non-gynaecological disease.

Jonathan Virgo

Consultant medical and neuro-ophthalmologist

Jonathan Virgo specialises in managing inflammatory eye disease and immunosuppression.

Sindu Vivekanandan

Consultant clinical oncologist

Sindu Vivekanandan specialises in chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted therapy for prostate and lung cancer.

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Vijay Wagh

Consultant ophthalmologist

Vijay Wagh is lead clinician for eye emergency services at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.

Mary Wain

Consultant dermatologist

Mary Wain specialises in skin cancer.

Roland Walker

Consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon

Roland Walker specialises in foot and ankle surgery.

Bo Wang

Locum consultant gastroenterologist and hepatologist

Bo Wang specialises in alcohol related liver disease, viral hepatitis, and advanced chronic liver disease

Steven Wanklyn

Consultant pharmacist in palliative and end of life care

Steven Wanklyn supports people with cancer or other life-limiting conditions to get the most from their medicines

Stephen Ward

Consultant in pain medicine

Stephen Ward specialises in spinal pain.

Ben Warner

Consultant gastroenterologist

Ben Warner specialises in hepatobiliary medicine, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), and therapeutic endoscopy.

Sophie Watkins

Consultant in restorative dentistry

Sophie Watkins specialises in prosthodontics, hypodontia and implant dentistry.

Helen Wear

Consultant in perioperative medicine for older people (POPS)

Helen Wear specialises in bone health.

Jessica Webb

Consultant cardiologist

Jessica Webb specialises in heart failure, inherited heart conditions and heart imaging.

Alex West

Consultant respiratory physician

Alex West is is the clinic lead for interstitial lung diseases.

Olwen Westerland

Consultant radiologist

Olwen Westerland is a consultant radiologist.

Sarah Wheatstone

Consultant emergency general surgeon

Sarah Wheatstone specialises in improving ambulatory emergency surgical care, teaching and training.

John Whitaker

Clinical senior lecturer and honorary consultant in cardiology and electrophysiology

John Whitaker specialises in heart arrhythmias.

Ian White

Consultant dermatologist

Ian White is a consultant dermatologist at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.

James White

Consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon

James White specialises in shoulder and elbow surgery.

Sean Whittaker

Consultant dermatologist and professor of cutaneous oncology (skin cancer)

Sean Whittaker specialises in skin cancer.

Anthony Wierzbicki

Consultant and honorary professor in metabolic medicine and chemical pathology

Anthony Wierzbicki specialises in lipids, obesity medicine and metabolic medicine.

Bridget Wilkins

Consultant histopathologist

Bridget Wilkins specialises in bone marrow and lymphoid tissue pathology

Frances Williams

Professor of genomic epidemiology and honorary consultant rheumatologist

Frances Williams specialises in low back pain.

Catherine Williamson

Consultant obstetrician and clinical researcher

Catherine Williamson specialises in metabolic and endocrine diseases in pregnancy.

Tom Williamson

Consultant ophthalmologist

Tom Williamson specialises in retinal disease and surgery.

Susan Willis

Consultant urological surgeon

Susan Willis specialises in urology and stone disease.

Anna Winship

Consultant clinical oncologist (cancer)

Anna Winship specialises in gynaecological cancer.

Roger Wong

Consultant ophthalmic (eye) surgeon

Roger Wong specialises in diabetic retinopathy, cataracts and retinal detachment.

Sui Wong

Consultant neurologist and neuro-ophthalmologist

Sui Wong leads our specialist service for papilledema and conditions of raised pressure in the skull.

Terry Wong

Consultant gastroenterologist and hepatologist

Terry Wong specialises in hepatology, benign oesophageal disorders and pancreaticobiliary endoscopy.

Wilson Wong

Consultant nephrologist

Wilson Wong specialises in kidney transplants.

Eric Woo

Consultant radiologist

Eric Woo specialises in cardiac, thoracic and head and neck imaging.

David Wood

Consultant physician and clinical toxicologist

David Wood specialises in recreational drugs and prescription medicine misuse.

Richard Woolf

Consultant dermatologist

Richard Woolf specialises in psoriasis and eczema.

David Wrench

Consultant haematologist

David Wrench specialises in blood cancer and is the clinical lead for cancer in young adults.

Matthew Wright

Consultant cardiologist and electrophysiologist

Matthew Wright specialises in complex arrhythmias.

Yin Wu

Honorary consultant medical oncologist

Yin Wu specialises in skin cancer.

Duncan Wyncoll

Intensive care consultant

Duncan Wyncoll specialises in critical care medicine.

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Tet Yap

Consultant urologist

Tet Yap specialises in male fertility, complex erectile dysfunction and  reconstructive genital surgery

Tim Yorston

Consultant nurse, urgent and emergency care

Tim Yorston specialises in urgent care

Christopher Young

Consultant cardiovascular surgeon

Christopher Young specialises in keyhole surgery.

Cynthia Yu-Wai-Man

Consultant ophthalmic surgeon

Cynthia Yu-Wai-Man specialises in treating glaucoma.

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Kamarul Zaki

Consultant medical oncologist (locum)

Kamarul Zaki treats thoracic and urological cancers

Hany Zayed

Consultant vascular and endovascular surgeon

Hany Zayed is the lead for lower limb revascularisation at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

Sebastian Zeki

Consultant gastroenterologist

Sebastian Zeki specialises in upper gastrointestinal medicine and endoscopy

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