Council of Governors

Governors are the eyes and ears of our public, patients and staff.

They help us understand and respond to what patients and members of the public expect from us by:

  • representing the interests of our members and partner organisations
  • making recommendations on our long-term strategy
  • providing advice and support to the Board of Directors, which is responsible for the overall management of the Trust
  • appointing the Chair and the Non-Executive Directors of the Board of Directors
  • helping the Trust focus on important matters, for example equality, diversity and inclusion

All governors are volunteers and are unpaid, apart from some expenses. They are not part of our operational management.

Governors are representatives, bringing a unique and independent view to our operations.

Benefits of being a governor:

  • receiving the latest news about developments at the Trust
  • helping to develop future plans at the Trust
  • gaining new skills, for example chairing meetings, speaking in groups and monitoring budgets
  • attending training sessions run by Trust experts
  • attending our popular health webinars to learn about latest clinical research and meet medical experts
  • benefitting from discounts with the health services discounts scheme

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