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We take pride in running our hospitals and services responsibly as part of our south London community.

We work hard to:

Watch our corporate social responsibility - showing we care film

  • Our corporate social responsibility – video transcript

    Voiceover: At the heart of London is the home of Guy’s in St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

    But we're more than just buildings in impressive settings.

    At the heart of our Trust are extraordinary people all working together to improve lives.

    Whilst our main business is delivering excellent patient care, our corporate social responsibility initiatives embody the best of who we are.

    Corporate social responsibility, or CSR, is an umbrella term or buzzword referring to volunteering, raising money for charities, improving health and wellbeing of employees and protecting the environment.

    With over 1 million patients per year and more than 12,000 staff, we are reaching out to create positive change.

    From project SEARCH helping Londoners with autism build skills and find jobs, to staff caring for people overseas, volunteering their knowledge and time.

    Sophie Nelson-Iye, project SEARCH student: The single most important thing I’ve learnt is the many different ways of what it's like working in a job, so I wouldn't really fall behind in life. Everybody in this department has a has a big heart, to me this is like us like a second home, it has like a homely feel to it.

    Gabriele Dominise, mentor: I feel very lucky and I can feel fulfilment at the end of every day when I can see someone I helped, and someone gained knowledge from me. And it's a very fulfilling feeling. In my little way I can help the Trust fulfil its goal in its social responsibility programme.

    Penny Minchin, senior staff nurse and project Harar volunteer: I'm lucky enough to have received really good nurse training which I enjoyed. I love my job here at Guy’s and St Thomas' and doing this charity work is my opportunity to give something back and share the skills that I've learnt.

    The whole surgical team stayed in a guesthouse in Addis Ababa, which is the capital of Ethiopia, and travelled every day up to a hospital 15 or 20 minutes away.

    The surgeons were taking forearm free flaps and reconstructing the children's faces, which was fabulous to see that that type of surgery happening in Africa.

    It's a bit like a holiday but one of the most rewarding holidays anyone could ever do.

    You come back feeling fabulous, not particularly well-rested at times, but you come back feeling really good, feeling like you've done something really special that you will never forget.

    Voiceover: As global citizens we need to take responsibility for our impact on the planet.

    It's not just about the products that we consume, it's also about how we build our buildings, how we move our patients around the hospital, and how our staff go to and from work.

    At the Trust, environmental sustainability means saving energy and reducing the amount of waste we generate.

    Currently the Trust recycles 35% of its waste and our waste management team deliver about 60 tonnes of recyclable material per month to a reprocessing plant in London. That's over eight double-decker buses!

    Judith Adams, stop smoking specialist and mealtime volunteer: It's just really rewarding taking time out of your normal daily work and just being able to give something back to the patients, who are out of their own comfort zone – they are in hospital. It's just nice being able to help with the healing. Because serving them food with a smile, it just makes them a bit more relaxed, a bit more comfortable and that's really quite enjoyable.

    Voiceover: Getting healthy doesn't have to be a chore. There are a range of enjoyable health and wellbeing programmes that staff can fit into their work and life.

    Take part in Zumba classes, weight watchers, smoking cessation or visit the great gym and swimming pool. And there's walking clubs and fitness training and many other one-off challenges.

    We're looking to support you as a member of staff to take personal responsibility for your own good health and lifestyle choices, which hopefully will help us all to become even better role models for our patients and families.

    David Thompson, HR programme director and walking club participant: We walk as many flights as we can up the Guy’s Tower, the tallest hospital tower in the world, in a five-minute period.

    It's not competitive so everybody gets to different levels and then we have a relaxing and stretching session afterwards and week by week I find myself getting up one or two extra levels.

    Walking club participant: I'm alright I think, I'm quite surprised, it’s the first time I've done this!

    Voiceover: Wellbeing is more than just physical in getting better often involves more than just medicine. At our Lambeth community care centre, staff and neighbourhood volunteers tend a beautiful award-winning garden.

    Our greatest asset is our incredible staff, their ideas, energy and commitment. When everyone makes small changes, big things happen.

    [The Turtles, Happy Together, plays in the background during a flash-mob dance in Shepherd Hall, St Thomas’ Hospital]

    Linda Chappel, Knowledge and Information Centre: Met people wouldn't have met normally. Done stuff I definitely wouldn’t have done normally.

    Iwona Duda, Knowledge and Information Centre: I’m enjoying every moment of it, I love the movement.

    Linda: It’s something you don’t normally do.

    Iwona: Yes, we’ve got an office job so we just sit for the rest of the day and this is a completely different way of spending time.

    Amy Obradovic, communications: Just connecting with people you don’t normally see on an everyday basis, having a bit of fun with them, getting to the heart of the NHS which is about the care of it really and the niceness.

    Iwona: We’re available to hire if you want to hire us…

    Linda: Birthdays and Bar Mitzvahs.

    Iwona: We can jump out of a cake.

    Linda: No we can’t! To anybody thinking about doing it, for it.

    Iwona: Yes, go for it, definitely yes.


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