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Completing the application form

Your application

Once you have searched our vacancies and found a job you would like to apply for, read all the guidance on this page carefully.

To apply for a job, you must complete an application form. This ensures that everyone gives information in the same format and allows us to assess your application in a standard way. Please fill in the form as fully and accurately as possible.

We will not take into account any previous applications that you have sent us or anything we already know about you.

  • Work permits

    If you need sponsorship to work in the UK, please visit the Home Office website for information on sponsorship and visa status before you fill in the application form. 

  • Disclosing information about you 

    We ask you to declare:

    • whether you are related to an existing member of staff
    • if you have ever been dismissed by a previous employer
    • if you have any criminal convictions, reprimands or cautions. 

    This is to help assess your suitability for the role you have applied for. Other checks will be made so it is important that you answer these questions honestly.

    Where jobs involve working with or around patients, if we formally offer you a job, we will apply for a Disclosure and Barring Service check on you.

  • Completing the application form

    The online job process will take you through several sections of your application. Try to complete all parts of the application form. If some sections of the form do not apply to you, enter N/A (not applicable) in the spaces provided. 

    Almost all communication during the recruitment process is via email and text so it is important that you supply a correct email address and mobile phone number if you have one.

    Job descriptions

    Each job we advertise is based on a job description and person specification. The job description lists the main types of duties and responsibilities of the post. The person specification outlines the skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications that you will need for the job.

    Read these documents thoroughly and take a look at the Trust values, as well as any other information provided. Once you understand the requirements, please ensure your application accurately reflects where you match them. We shortlist applicants against the job description and person specification, so give examples to demonstrate how your skills and experience are relevant to the job you are applying for and how and where you have used them.

    Provide information on any relevant experience from your present or previous jobs. You can include skills and experience gained from community or voluntary work, work experience, leisure interests and activities in the home.   

    Education and training

    Tell us about your education and the training you have received. 

    Supporting information

    Do not ignore the supporting information section of the form. It is an important part of the application, because you can tell us about you, your qualifications and experience.    

  • Trust values

    Our values help us to define and develop our culture, what we do and how we do it. It will be important to you as an applicant to understand and reflect these values throughout your application. It is also important as an employee that you understand and agree with the values of our organisation and are happy working with us.

    Our Trust values are:

    • put patients first
    • take pride in what we do
    • respect others
    • strive to be the best
    • act with integrity.

    Our values and behaviours framework (PDF 34Kb) describes what it means for every one of us in the Trust to put our values into action. The framework has four levels. The red page applies to everyone. The blue, green and orange pages add on the behaviours required as levels of responsibility increase.

    The Trust values are underpinned by the NHS Constitution.

    When you make your online job application, this is the only information we use when deciding who to invite for an interview. To help you get it right and make a good first impression, please read the guidance on this page.

  • References 

    The number of references we take up will depend upon your work history. You should remember that no one is legally obliged to provide a reference, unless there is a specific contractual agreement. Therefore, it's a good idea to ask permission from the people you wish to be your referees. Make sure you provide accurate contact details for them and let them know if a reference request is being sent to them. This often speeds up the process and avoids unnecessary delays to you starting your job.

    You will need to give us their names, a contact address, telephone number and email address.  Please note that most of our communication is done by email.

    Your first referee should be your current employer if you are in work and the other should be from a previous employer/school/college.

    If you have not worked for some time or have never worked, use referees who can comment on your ability to do the job, e.g. a teacher, course tutor or charity organiser.

    Don't give the names of family members or friends.

  • Equal opportunities

    The information you supply via the employment monitoring form, which is towards the end of the online form, is used for reporting only. The recruitment team, hiring managers and interview panel cannot see this information. This information, once reported, helps us to see how effective our policies on promoting equal opportunities and valuing diversity are. It will never be used to decide who will be offered the job.

  • Disability 

    We are committed to increasing employment opportunities for disabled people and encouraging all people with a disability to apply for a job with us. 

    If you need special arrangements to get to the interview or selection test, please give us details in the space indicated on the form.

    You may also be entitled to receive support from Access to Work throughout the recruitment stages, for example if you require a communicator at an interview. For more information, contact Access to Work on 0345 268 8489 or visit the access to work page on

  • Submitting your application

    Once you have completed the online application form, please remember to proofread it and check that you have answered each section as fully as possible. 

    Submit your application and keep a copy, to help you prepare if you are shortlisted for an interview.  

    We look forward to receiving your application.

Questions about your application?

Please call our recruitment helpline on 020 7188 1700 or email recruitmenthelp if you can't find the answer to your question on our website.

If you are applying for a nursing vacancy and have a question, please email nursinginfo@