Asking for your permission

A woman gives a thumbs-up next to a green tick symbol to say yes

The nurses and doctors at our hospitals will always ask for your permission before they treat you

A man holds out his hand with his palm facing outwards and a stern look on his face

Remember, you can say no to any treatment that is offered to you

A woman gently holds her chin and looks thoughtful, like she is trying to make a decision. A thought bubble above her head has a tick and a cross in it.

If you said yes to something before, you can change your mind

You can still say no

A woman holds up a finger to ask a question. A thought bubble and question mark are above her head

It's important you understand what this means for your illness

You can ask your doctors and nurses questions

A man holds a booklet with the words 'easy read' on the cover

You can ask for easy read information to help you choose

A woman holds up a form with a green tick and the word 'consent' on the cover. She is smiling and giving a thumbs-up

The choice is yours

Last updated: April 2022

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