Barbara's story

Barbara coming to hospitalA quarter of patients in UK hospitals have a dementia, and the number is growing.

We need to do more for these patients, which is why we have embarked on a new campaign to raise awareness of dementia for staff in our hospitals and working in the community.

More than 12,500 staff have seen Barbara's Story

As part of this initiative, every member of staff must attend an innovative training session, the main focus of which is a short film about Barbara and her experiences during a hospital visit.

All staff are expected to have a good understanding of the issues faced by patients with dementia so they can recognise and support our care for these vulnerable patients. 

So far more than 12,500 have been trained.

Watch Barbara's Story

You can watch Barbara's Story, the full story, on our YouTube channel.

The 'Barbara effect'

Barbara's Story has had a powerful impact - watch our short film to see how it's affected our staff. 

Download the transcript (Word).

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Barbara’s Story is a powerful reminder of just how important everyone’s contribution is when it comes to creating a safe and positive environment.

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