Monkeypox vaccine

Last updated: 22 November 2022

Monkeypox is a viral infection. It is usually a mild illness and most people recover within a few weeks. It's spread by very close contact with an infected person.

For more information about symptoms, how to manage them and when to seek medical help, read our monkeypox information.

Getting the monkeypox vaccine

We are running monkeypox vaccination clinics for people who meet the eligibility criteria outlined on the GOV.UK website. 2 doses are recommended for maximum protection and second doses will be offered 2 to 3 months after the first dose.

These clinics take place at Guy's Hospital.

You can book your first or second appointment using our online booking system and walk-in appointments without a booking are also available.

We regularly add more clinics, so if you are unable to find a time that suits you please keep checking the booking system.

If you have symptoms

Do not come to a clinic if you have symptoms of monkeypox. Please call 111 for advice.

If you've been in contact with someone with monkeypox

UKHSA are contacting anyone they identify as a close contact of a monkeypox case. They'll send you health information and advice.

Our online information about monkeypox.

Why do I have to wait for my vaccination against monkeypox, UKHSA leaflet.

Patient information leaflet for the smallpox vaccine on the UKHSA website.

Information about the smallpox vaccine on GOV.UK.

Latest monkeypox information from Terence Higgins Trust.

Information about vaccine eligibility on the UKHSA website.

Last updated: November 2022

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