Community speech and language therapy team hold torch relay. Pass it on!

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Torch relay - Louisa passing to Lilian and Lisa

As part of the 2012 Corporate Challenge, several departments have come up with ingenious ideas for events.

One example of this is the community team who ‘ran’ their own relay by forwarding a physical or virtual torch, in the form of a speech bubble, across several venues in Lambeth and Southwark last week. 

18 team members, made up of speech and language therapists, children’s centre staff and schools, supported young clients in passing the torch on foot or sending messages by email, telephone call or text.

The relay, which started at Paxton Green Health Centre, moved between a number of venues including Dulwich Nursery and Tower Bridge School and ended with staff at the Evelina Children's Hospital.

The community team hoped to encourage young people to express their own message about the 2012 London Games using a variety of communication channels.

Lisa Pitts from the community children's speech and language therapy team, said: "2012 is a special year with so much activity around the London Games. We wanted to do something that highlights the good work that we do. The torch relay is a reminder that speech and language therapy helps clients to find ways of managing their communication difficulties, and can transform lives.

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