Films help patients understand heart medicines

Monday 19 June 2017

Watch our new videos about using anticoagulant medication

Patients with atrial fibrillation (an abnormal heartbeat) are now better informed about their medicines, thanks to a series of films produced by the cardiovascular department.

The 11 short films tell patients about the anticoagulant (blood-thinning) medicines they need to take, how to take them, and how the medicines work. They include lifestyle advice and information about side effects, as well as an overview of atrial fibrillation and the symptoms to help patients to understand their condition.

Gayle Campbell, Senior Cardiovascular Pharmacist, says: “We found that patients don’t always remember all the information they’re given about medicines when they leave hospital. These bite-sized videos are easy for patients and their families to access at home, so they can find the information they need at the right time.”

A patient with atrial fibrillation on Stephen Ward says: “The videos were great, the staff spoke really clearly and slowly. It’s much better to have this available to look at whenever we like.”

The films were produced after the team entered a competition in the cardiovascular department to win funding for innovative ideas.

You can watch the films at

Last updated: June 2017

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