Inpatients urged to 'get up, get moving' for a quicker recovery

Tuesday 17 April 2018

Drawing of woman with crutches and man in wheelchair

A new campaign to aid inpatients’ recovery, by encouraging those who are well enough to get up out of bed when they can, has been launched today (17 April) at Guy’s and St Thomas’.

Evidence suggests that patients who are able to get out of their bed and move around while they are in hospital maintain more of their muscle strength, are less likely to get an infection, and tend to return home sooner. 

Supporting mobility is one of the Fundamentals of Care standards which patients can expect to receive when they have contact with the Trust either as an inpatient, for a day case admission, for an outpatient appointment, or when they are cared for in their own home by our staff.

The campaign coincides with a national initiative being led by NHS England, with staff encouraging patients to ‘get up, get moving’, particularly for meal times and to use the bathroom.

The Trust’s Director of Nursing, Jo Carter said: “It’s sad to see patients who come into hospital mobile and active, getting discharged home less mobile and having lost capability. We have to consider what we can do to help prevent this.

“It’s a powerful statistic that for patients over the age of 80, just 10 days in hospital can lead to the equivalent of 10 years of muscle ageing. This reinforces why it’s so important for us to support our patients to get up and dressed when they can, ensuring they don’t spend any longer in hospital than is necessary.”

There are a number of ways visiting friends and family can help our inpatients:

  • ensure they have a comfortable, well-fitting pair of slippers or shoes with them in hospital so they are able to walk around safely
  • bring them a change of clothes, as patients wearing their own clothes in hospital maintain their dignity, safety, and sense of identity
  • ask our staff if you can take your friend or relative out of their ward, as exploring what our hospitals have to offer could aid their recovery.

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