NHS training helps housing sector

Thursday 25 September 2014

NHS training for housing sector

Housing association AmicusHorizon has been using Guy’s and St Thomas’ award-winning dementia and elderly care training to improve the way they provide services to older residents.

The training at the Trust’s Simulation and Interactive Learning (SaIL) Centre is designed to help staff understand the experience of people who have dementia or suffer mobility problems.

The housing sector staff wore ‘empathy suits’ to experience what life is like with limited movement and vision, watched Barbara’s Story, and took part in role play scenarios.

Colette Laws-Chapman, nursing lead at the Guy’s and St Thomas’ SaIL Centre, added: “People with dementia need understanding and respect in every part of their life whether they are in hospital, cared for at home, or in the supermarket. We’re thrilled that best practice and learning from the NHS is now being shared with other sectors of society.”

Participant Christine Sayan, a housing officer at AmicusHorizon, said: “The session was brilliant and involved lots of interaction. I’ve now got a better understanding of our older residents’ needs and will take away everything I’ve learnt into my day job.”

Last updated: September 2014

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