Recruit patients to help hire new staff

Wednesday 24 May 2017

170524 Ido Ben Shaul

Guy’s and St Thomas’ has enlisted the support of 12 patients and members of the public to appoint staff to patient-facing roles. They will ensure that the patient’s point of view is considered when making recruitment decisions.

Many of the recruitment volunteers are past or present Guy’s and St Thomas’ patients. They have received training in every aspect of the recruitment process, like employment law and equality and diversity.

Recruitment volunteer, Ido Ben-Shaul, 55, an IT trainer from Canada Water has diabetes and attends regular screening check-ups. He says: "I've been a patient for many years, as an outpatient in a few departments. By definition, I know the place well.

"You have to be open-minded and objective at the interview panel but at the same time understand the person in front of you. Get into their shoes.

"You need to be asking yourself: ‘Will they be respectful to patients and see patients as an integral part of the ward not an obstacle?’.

"Being a volunteer is very satisfying as there's a sense of ownership of the Trust. Your opinion as a patient is valued."

The expertise of the recruitment volunteers can be used at every stage of the recruitment process including writing advertisements, job descriptions and interview questions.

Lisa Doughty, Patient and Public Engagement Specialist at Guy’s and St Thomas’, says: “Our recruitment volunteers will be involved in the selection of staff working in a patient-facing role like nurses, housekeepers, doctors and porters.

“They will bring something unique to interviews at the Trust, their own experiences as patients and balance in terms of what makes a good candidate.”

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