What Would Be Your Miracle?

Friday 6 May 2016

Young girl smiles at camera.  Sitting next to television presenter.

A profoundly deaf eight-year-old girl who had life-changing surgery at St Thomas’ Hospital to help her hear properly for the first time featured in ITV’s What Would Be Your Miracle? yesterday (Thursday 5 May).

Livi Wickham, from Westgate-on-Sea in Kent, was joined by presenter Emma Willis for the ‘switch-on’ of her cochlear implants – a special moment that featured in the episode.

Livi, who was only able to hear very low frequencies before her cochlear implants, says: “People, they don’t understand how deaf I am. Because I’m profoundly deaf. I just feel that I miss out and stuff. It makes me feel a bit sad that I’m deaf.”

A cochlear implant is an electronic device used to replace the damaged hair cells in the inner ear. As well as sending the sounds she can’t hear straight to her brain, Livi’s cochlear implants can also boost the little hearing she does have.

What Would Be Your Miracle? follows the inspirational and emotional stories of people whose lives are transformed by the power of modern medicine.

You can watch Livi’s episode here. Let us know if you enjoyed Livi’s story by tweeting us @GSTTnhs using #YourMiracle.

Last updated: May 2016

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