Brian Clapp

Consultant cardiologist


Brian Clapp attended medical school at Cambridge University and University College London before completing his general medical training in teaching hospitals around London.

Using a British Heart Foundation Fellowship he was awarded a PhD from the University of London into the links between inflammation and acute cardiac events; a continued active research interest.

He completed his specialist training in cardiology at the Heart and London Chest Hospitals, with a particular emphasis on coronary and structural intervention.

In 2005 Brian was appointed consultant cardiologist and honorary senior lecturer at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.

Brian provides a clinical service in general cardiology and interventional and structural cardiology and has expertise in all areas of coronary intervention (angioplasty).

In addition he has a specialist interest in the interaction between diving medicine and cardiology (and is on the Health and Safety Executive register of secondary care specialists with an interest in diving medicine). As well as his general cardiology clinics he runs a weekly specialist clinic specifically for this patient group.

Education and training

  • Cambridge University and University College London.
    MBBS 1994, MA (Cantab) 1994, PhD 2005, FRCP 2011 

Research interests

  • Vascular biology – in particular the effects of inflammation and diving on vascular function
  • Hypertension – specifically in the non-invasive assessment and understanding of central blood pressure


  • Noninvasive calculation of the aortic blood pressure waveform from the flow velocity waveform: a proof of concept.
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  • Dominance of the forward compression wave in determining pulsatile components of blood pressure: similarities between inotropic stimulation and essential hypertension.
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  • Endothelial function does not relate to haemoglobin or serum erythropoietin concentrations and these do not explain the gender difference in endothelial function in healthy middle-aged men and women.
    Tilling L, Hunt J, Jiang B, Sanders TA, Clapp B, Chowienczyk P. 
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  • Prognostic utility of BCIS myocardial jeopardy score for classification of coronary disease burden and completeness of revascularization. 
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  • Estimating central systolic blood pressure during oscillometric determination of blood pressure: proof of concept and validation by comparison with intra-aortic pressure recording and arterial tonometry. 
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Last updated: September 2022

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