Claire Steves


Honorary consultant physician, geriatric medicine, senior clinical lecturer


Claire Steves is a clinically active geriatrician at Guy's and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, and a senior clinical lecturer at King’s College London.  She has an active portfolio of research into early predictors of frailty and conditions of ageing. 

She is deputy director (clinical) for the Department of Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology, which is home to the TwinsUK cohort – one of the most deeply phenotyped and genotyped twin cohorts in the world. The cohort has an average age of 65, and Claire leads the characterization of physical and mental ageing traits and frailty in the cohort.  Her particular research focus is the relationship between the gut, urinary and salivary microbiome and conditions of ageing, including cognitive ageing, frailty and multi-morbidity. Clinically she specialises in the management of acute delirium and dementia in medically complex patients.

Research interests

  • Microbiome in frailty syndromes
  • Cognitive ageing
  • Using biomarkers to predict trajectories of ageing
  • Genomics of frailty


  • Wellcome Trust: Professor T Spector, Dr D Hart, Professor G Davey-Smith, Professor C Hammond, and Dr C J Steves, 01-Jan-2017 to 31-Dec-2018 TwinsUK (2017-2019): An epidemiological and genomic resource Biomedical Resources Grant - £1,510,925, role Co-PI, 10%FTE.
  • Chronic Disease Research Foundation  Dr C J Steves, Professor T Spector, Professor Rob Knight 01-Nov-16 to 02-Nov-19: The Urinary Microbiome and its Relation to Morbidity in Older People, Project Grant - £464,800 - CDRF04/04/2016, Role: PI, 50% FTE from Jan-18.
  • MRC  Professor T Spector, Dr C J Steves, Dr K Small, Professor R Knight, Dr J Sanderson, Dr Nicholas Powell, 01-April-16 to 31-Mar-19: Exploring host- gut microbial genetic and immune interactions using twins: MR/N01183X/1, £790,000: Role: Project Lead and co-PI, 10% FTE
  • Chronic Disease Research Foundation  Professor T Spector Dr C J Steves, Dr J T Bell, Dr F M Williams, 04-Aug-14 to 03-Aug-17 (extended due to maternity leave to Jan 2018): The role of the gut microbiome in cognitive decline and risk for dementia, Project Grant - £299,656 - , Role: Project lead and co-PI, 50% FTE.
  • Wellcome Trust: Dr C J Steves, Professor Stephen Jackson Professor Tim D Spector 086904/Z/08/Z Cognitive ageing in women: a twin study to identify determinants and imaging correlates  01-Apr-09 04-Oct-13 £264,190, Role: Clinical Research Training Fellowship to Dr Steves

  • 2013 Norman Exton-Smith Prize, British Geriatrics Society
  • 2012 Galton Award, International Society of Twin Studies

Last updated: April 2022

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