Jian Farhadi

Consultant plastic surgeon and lead clinician


Jian Farhadi is an internationally renowned plastic surgeon. He graduated at the University of Basel. His training took him from Switzerland to Yale University and eventually to London, where he was appointed as a consultant surgeon.

Jian is a specialist in aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery. As a microsurgeon, he provides all types of reconstructions. He performs over 180 microsurgical breast reconstructions a year. He has focused in the use of fat in cosmetic breast surgery with a special interest in corrective surgeries after previous breast surgery.

Jian is actively involved in research on breast augmentation and breast reconstruction and is invited regularly to international meetings as a lecturer. He is chairman of the London Breast Meeting and a reader at the faculty of medicine at the University of Basel in Switzerland.

He is the founder and a trustee of Bra Foundation, a registered charity to raise awareness of options in breast reconstruction for women facing mastectomy.

Education and training

  • Associate Professor University of Basel, 2007
  • Plastic surgery - University Hospital Basel, 2005
  • General surgery - University Hospital Bern
  • Graduation - University of Basel 

Research interests

Jian is the lead for research and development of plastic surgery, ENT, orthopaedic and emergency.

Jian Farhadi runs a number of clinical projects on the subject of breast reconstruction. His major projects are:

  • virtual planning in own tissue breast reconstruction in collaboration with King’s College London
  • division of medical imaging and the use of heat on breast skin prior to mastectomy in order to reduce skin flap necrosis. This is a translational research


  • Dirk Schaefer Research Prize, 2007
  • Medidaprix finalist, 2005
  • Research Prize of Swiss Society in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, 2003
  • Prize of Swiss Society for Clinical Nutrition, 2003
  • Grand Global Award for craftsmanship, 2001

Last updated: February 2023

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