Kathrine Hilario

Genetics research practioner coordinator


Kathrine Hilario is our genetics research coordinator/practitioner. She has 10 years of experience working in clinical research and has demonstrated commitment and pride in contributing to the strategic work of the Clinical Research Network (CRN) within Guys’ and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.  

In the past five years, Kathrine has trained and transitioned to become a clinical trial/research practitioner She has worked alongside clinicians and the lead research nurse in reviewing patient eligibility for research and demonstrating quality patient care through delivery of research. Her main responsibilities include clinical and patient care by giving patients the opportunity to take part in research and having a conversation with them to explain how their participation will benefit them and improve public health. She takes pride in ensuring that participants have all the information they need to make an informed decision to participate in research.

Kathrine has always demonstrated commitment to duty of care to patients by being a patient advocate and maintaining knowledge on clinical trial regulations to support the activities of the CRN. She has mainstreamed the research governance processes for genetics research portfolio. She maintains databases across studies managed by the clinical genetics research office to ensure theyrun in accordance to approved study protocols and applicable regulatory requirements and Trust Regulations. She is also responsible for mainstreaming the data capture of research-related recruitment activities and ensuring these are reported accurately to the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

As part of her ongoing commitment to research practice and professional development, she has completed a postgraduate certificate on planning and managing clinical trials and attended training on introduction to phase 1 research - trials and regulation. She is aslo PRINCE2 foundation qualified. Katherine has managed projects that have contributed to improving research delivery, research governance processes and resource management to recruit patients efficiently to research studies.

Last updated: April 2022

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