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Ultrasonic angiology referrals

Helping to diagnosis and treat vascular disorders

Referral contacts

Ultrasonic angiology department

Tel: 020 7188 6778

Routine referrals

If you are a patient, please speak to your GP or consultant to be referred to our department.

We accept referrals from GPs and hospital specialists. 

Our local catchment area includes Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. We also have a large tertiary referral practice dealing with patients from the south of England.

Referrals from other hospitals must include a completed Inter-Provider Minimum Data Set or ensure that one is sent within 48 hours of referring a patient.

How to refer

GP referrals

To request a vascular ultrasound scan please complete the referral request form (PDF 446KB) and submit the form electronically.

We do not provide a walk-in service.

All other referrals

Please send the referral request through EPR. Please ensure you provide full and accurate details of the scan required. Incomplete or inaccurate requests may delay your patient’s appointment.

  • Available vascular ultrasound tests


    • carotid and vertebral duplex (stroke prevention)
    • carotid intima-media thickness measurement (cardio-vascular risk)
    • transcranial doppler ultrasound (intracranial assessment)

    Peripheral arterial

    • ankle/brachial systolic pressure ratio (ABPI)
    • ABPI treadmill exercise test
    • peripheral artery disease (claudication)
    • popliteal entrapment

    Aneurysmal disease

    • abdominal aortic aneurysm surveillance
    • abdominal aortic stent graft surveillance

    Venous diseases

    Venous duplex for:

    • deep vein thrombosis
    • varicose veins
    • pelvic congestion
    • venous stenting

    Renal failure

    • pre-planning for dialysis fistula-arm artery and vein duplex
    • duplex of arterio-venous access fistulae
    • pre-renal transplant assessment of pelvic vessels
    • renal transplant duplex

    Specialist scans

    • cold sensitivity testing
    • thoracic outlet syndrome testing
    • surveillance programmes (endovascular aortic aneurysms, peripheral grafts, carotid  surgery, paediatric sickle cell disease and iliac vein stents)
    • intra-operative guidance and completion imaging