Neuro-rehabilitation referrals

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Community neuro-rehabilitation service

This page contains information on how to refer to our neuro-rehabilitation teams.

Neuro conditions team

  • About this service

    This specialist team works with patients who are living with a neurological condition such as brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease. It aims to promote independence as far as possible, prevent secondary complications, reduce risks and enhance quality of life. Intervention is time limited (up to six weeks).

  • How to refer

    We accept referrals from GPs, health and social care professionals, carers or from the patient.

    Please complete the neuro-rehabilitation referral form (Word 130Kb).

    Please send your referral by post or email, using the details below.

  • Referral criteria

    We accept referrals for adults aged 16 years and over living in Lambeth or Southwark, with a neurological condition, for example stroke, multiple sclerosis, brain injury, Parkinson’s or motor neurone disease.

    Goals for rehabilitation must be identified, for example to improve mobility, return to previous activities, improve speech, communication or swallowing ability.

    Intervention is time limited (normally up to six weeks) and focused on the achievement of goals and self-management of long-term neurological conditions.

    Referrals are not accepted for equipment only. Instead, these referrals should be sent to the occupational therapy departments of Lambeth social services or Southwark social services.

Stroke team

  • About this service

    This team supports people with a new diagnosis of stroke, who require rehabilitation in the community. This team accepts patients who are medically stable, have rehabilitation goals or require advice about their management.

  • How to refer

    To make a referral to the stroke team or seek advice regarding a patient, please contact the triage therapist on 07774 810679 (Lambeth), 07775 868099 (Southwark) or via email

Neuro Rehabilitation Enhanced Transition team (NETT)

  • About this service

    NETT provides rehabilitation at home for up to 12 weeks for adults with a complex neurological condition. The service accepts patients who are medically stable, have rehabilitation potential and for whom intervention by NETT will reduce inpatient stays or avoid admission.

  • How to refer

    If you would like to refer to NETT, please call us on 07765 590 989 to discuss the referral. If you are unable to speak to someone, please leave your name and contact details so we can return your call.

    If the referral is appropriate, please send a completed referral form (Word 168kb) to

    If the referral is accepted we will confirm via phone or email.

  • Referral criteria

    Decisions will be made on a case by case basis in conjunction with the NETT therapy lead/clinical manager. 

    This service is suitable for patients who:

    • need to be discharged early from an acute hospital or specialist neuro-rehabilitation unit
    • wish to remain at home and avoid a hospital admission or care home placement
    • are aged 16 years and over
    • are residents of Lambeth or Southwark
    • entitled to receive NHS services
    • have a diagnosed neurological condition; either of sudden onset or progressive, where there has been a recent change in function or presentation
    • are medically predictable, within the medical management capability of primary care
    • have no significant primary psychiatric diagnosis, which would affect their ability to participate in rehabilitation
    • are able to transfer from bed to chair with the assistance of one other person. Patients requiring assistance of two people to transfer and/or to mobilise will not normally be accepted. We may accept some patients that require double-handed assistance initially, if there is an expectation that they will progress to single-handed transfer/mobility within a short time period
    • are able to indicate their consent to participate in intensive rehabilitation
    • are able to identify goals for rehabilitation
    • require the intervention of more than one therapy discipline (occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, clinical neuropsychology).
    • evidence of follow-up medical out-patient appointments should be provided at the point of referral.

South East London Neuro Navigation Service (SELNNS)

  • About this service

    • This service supports patients with complex neurological rehabilitation needs to access the right service for them, at the right time.
    • Neuro navigators help facilitate smooth transitions between hospitals and specialist neurological rehabilitation services, including those in the community, by using knowledge of local resources to direct referrals to an appropriate local service.
    • This service covers patients registered with a GP or residing in the south east London boroughs of Southwark, Lambeth, Lewisham, Bromley, Bexley and Greenwich.
    • Referrals are accepted from all sources including hospitals, rehabilitation units, community services and self-referral.

2B neuro rehabilitation service

Please see Pulross Centre referrals for more information about this service.