Smith, Catherine – professor of dermatology and therapeutics

Consultant profiles

Catherine Smith


Medical secretary (psoriasis) - Shanti Martin
Tel: 020 7188 6417

Patient pathway assistant (eczema) – Aisha Nakasi
Tel: 020 7188 0844


  • Biography

    Catherine Smith was appointed senior lecturer at St John’s Institute of Dermatology and consultant dermatologist at Lewisham Hospital in 1995.

    She moved to St John’s Institute of Dermatology full-time in 2005. Catherine is a key clinician in the nationally recognised severe psoriasis and severe eczema services at St John's.

    Alongside her clinical research, she has a major interest in guideline development and implementation, including most recently, as chair of NICE guidelines on psoriasis.

  • Specialist interests

    • Inflammatory skin disease – psoriasis, eczema (dermatitis)
    • Therapeutics including biologic therapies
    • Evidence-based medicine.
  • Research interests

    Principal research interests relate to therapeutics, particularly for inflammatory skin disease, and cover:

    • identification of genetic and other biomarkers that predict treatment outcomes, including severe adverse drug reactions, working in close collaboration with other groups in the division of medicine and molecular genetics
    • clinical trials (phase II-IV) to evaluate/optimise treatments for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis
    • translation of clinical research into practice through the development of high quality guidelines.