Oral medicine referrals


Referral contacts

Please note: you may also be interested in our oral medicine for health professionals section.

We accept referrals from the local catchment area of Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. We also have a large tertiary referral practice and are happy to see patients from all over the UK and other countries.

Conditions accepted for referral

  • patients complaining of persistent or recurrent oral ulceration or following detection of an oral ulcer or ulcers lasting more than two weeks
  • lumps and swellings of the oral cavity (including lymphadenopathy)
  • white and red patches (including lichen planus and oral submucous fibrosis) suggestive of potentially malignant disease
  • stomatitis (including candidosis) and cheilitis (or cheilosis)
  • pigmentary conditions of the oral mucosa
  • facial pain and burning mouth symptoms requiring medical management
  • patients complaining of a dry mouth or other symptoms related to salivary gland disease requiring medical management or indicative of underlying systemic disease
  • allergies and adverse reactions to dental materials
  • allergies and adverse reactions to local anaesthetics
  • patients complaining of soreness of the tongue in whom there is a florid benign migratory glossitis
  • patients complaining of halitosis in whom all dental and periodontal causes have been eliminated. Mucosal manifestations of HIV infection.

Making a referral

  • New patient referrals

    We accept referrals from dentists, GPs and other hospital specialists. All referral letters are vetted as soon as they are received to assess whether the patient is to be given a routine or urgent appointment, and to choose the most suitable clinic for the patient's condition. Please provide as much information as possible to help us.

  • Emergency referrals

    If you wish to refer as an emergency or if you are unsure whether a referral should be seen urgently, please contact our secretary on the number at the top of the page.

  • Two week wait referrals

    These should be used for patients with suspected malignancy only. Patients with other urgent problems should be referred to the oral medicine department marked URGENT.

    To refer via the two-week wait office: Tel: 020 7188 0921. Email: gst-tr.2wwgstt@nhs.net.

  • Choose and Book referrals

    • national number: 0845 608 8888
    • Choose and Book office at Guy's and St Thomas': 020 7188 0823/6.
  • Referrals to combined clinics

    Referrals are accepted from GDPs/GPs and other hospital consultants using the procedure for new referrals above. We run the following clinics:

    • oral medicine and dermatology - once a month
    • oral medicine and gastroenterology - twice a month
    • Sjogrens clinic with rheumatology - twice a month
    • Behçet's clinic with ophthalmology (at St Thomas' hospital) - once a month.

Checking appointments

To check a new patient appointment please contact 0207188 1772.

To contact us regarding a follow-up appointment, please contact: 020 7188 4343.